Monday, February 23, 2009

go USTe!

go USTe!
by yuli flestado

Yesterday, the University of Santo Tomas tigresses lost against Far Eastern University lady tams. I’m quite disheartened of course. Although I have come to love the sport per se, I stay faithfully cheering for USTe! Every defeat is a heart break. Technically speaking, the season for the tigresses has not yet ended since they still have to bout Adamson Lady Falcons for the third spot title. The skirmish for third spot lead me in question, will the fangs of the tigers still eager to chump the falcons or will they just let go of the match as an after effect of yesterday’s game. UST is a very moody team, they are consistently erratic.

It was a very lethargic start for UST, in fact the first point was earned by FEU. Aiza Maizo the team captain was well guarded by the tams. Setter Rhea Dimaculangan was reprimanded to distribute the ball to the other players as Maizo had difficulty creating successful attacks. There were also a lot of errors seen in the game, net and service may be common yet causing so much self destruction, Maizo was also seen trying to cross the ball using her right hand, of course that did work well. Ortiz, the quicker wasn’t able to contribute points as expected on her. Ditto with the case for the silent operator Bernice Co who was also reprimanded for her blocking skills, she is famed for her simple yet intelligent attacks but there’s no much room for those yesterday day as points were mostly gained coming from bullet-speed spikes. At the middle part of the game, Coach Shaq de los Reyes tried some experiment of combinations letting Lorraine Zapanta, Kim Lazaro, Sarah Gonzales and Jesicca Curato played inside the court. It was a no show for crown favorite and used to be the main setter of UST, Denise Tan. During the fourth set while FEU was few points away from wining, someone form UST said, “hindi tayo pwedeng matalo”. Sad thing, Rachele Daquis put the nail in the coffin by a powerful hit ending UST’s chance to claim back the lost crown.

With regards to the teams playing for the finals, it offer a very palatable meal for all volleyball aficionados out there. The FEU lady tams is a team not new to the finals, they’ve been playing for that volley-crown even before I was born. Despite of the major absence of the superstar (famed for her setting and spiking abilities) and last season’s most valuable player Semana and of course the support plays coming from Babanto and Cafranca, the team successfully found its groove. Young setter Jose is now quite comfortable in her position tossing for powerful spikers Gonzalez and the female version of Edjet Mabbayad, Morada. Daquis who used to work as a loner previously has now developed skills in leading her team as she is now the captain ball. Back during V-league days, the team was questioned on their strategy of letting the benchwarmers play. The team’s poor performance at that league definitely paid off as what is happening now in the court. Can the tamaraws mash into pebbles the arrows of the lady green archers?

Or will the archers hit bull’s eye the tamaraws? The De la sale lady spikers undoubtedly is at its peak. Santos who is one of the responsible spikers for la salle’s three-peat era is maturely leading her team towards success. Mercado and Alarca are also playing prolifically. Must mention, their new setter is quite compensating for the absence of Saet. The question is, will they stand the pressure being at the finals? Their statistic would show that they are having difficulty in wining when there’s a fifth set. The main point is, if they cannot grab the crown for this season, most likely it’ll be after 48 years before they could play in the finals again. This season is undoubtedly rookies show. There are a lot of first timers who play like veterans, to mention few people we have Soriano of Adamson, Ortiz, Caballejo and CO for UST, the almost all-rookie-ADMU. To think, how would the archers compete with today’s rookies? No problem if they are hiding some secret weapon(s) though. Not to take anything away from DLSU, but this season is a should-make situation.

Will it be FEU or DLSU? Both teams are worthy for the crown but I’m infinitely cheering Go USTe! :P

NOTE: Photos courtesy to Dondi Nolasco.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 things

25 things

This "25 random things about me" was all over the web not so long ago. When I was tagged, I had no plan to write. 25? That’s too long. It’ll be so exhausting! I was able to read the entries of my friends, it’s fun pala. so I decided to write narin. Special thanks to all who tagged me.

1. After I graduate, I wanna cut my hair short and gain weight.

2. I had a 2 month old piercing, my parents without even knowing it! Thankful, my pop does not have any single idea about it. He’ll kill me for sure!

3. University of Santo Tomas Women’s Volleyball team fan. My favorite first six are Aiza Maizo, Denise Tan, Venus Bernal, Lilet Mabbayad, Angeli Tabaquero and Mary Jean Balse (she’s from Davao!)

4. When I was in high school, I had a one mistake exam result. The subject was sociology.

5. Contrary to no. 4, I hate sociology! My least fave teacher teaches the subject. Imagine. During prelim, I was legally excused for a quiz because of a school event but then I took take the quiz during finals! I’ve waited around two hours outside the faculty room just for that annoying QUIZ! Our class was delayed for enrollment because he wasn’t able to submit our grades. It even reached to the point that the school had to send someone to his house just to get our grades!

6. I’m NBSB, but it doesn’t mean I never been in love. Oftentimes, commitment is not necessary to show you care.

7. I have super sensitive tonsils, like I have one episode of tonsillitis in a month. I think I’m dying. Super prone to rheumatic heart disease, so don’t wonder if time comes I stop writing, most probably I’m dead.

8. I never went to prom. I changed my mind like around 14 times. Finally I decided not to go. I went to our high school grad ball though. Someone got pissed because we were supposed to dance then tadaaaaaan! Lights turned on, it time to go home.

9. I like writing but I often throw or delete my works, I find it corny after reading it.

10. Most student nurses say that Ward precipitates I.R., But in my case, I submitted Incidental reports (yes, plural form!) when I had my duty at community.

First: during my sophomore year when we went to NCCC, a place were not suppose to go to. The culprit? We bought FOOD. Funny thing my groupwate and I confidently and honestly answered our instructor where we were, and then later on we realized how stupid we were to tell the truth.

Second and for goodness sake, my last one!: we were accused that we did not clean the health center after using it during project implementation. Oh come on, we were thought how to do after care! Annoying part, we had to go to the center to personally explain our side.

2 Incidental Reports, different rotations, same Clinical Instructor. How sweet!!!

11. When I was in high School, I sold my assignment to my classmates. I’m also paid to do book reports for people.

12. I am a moderator of a volleyball online forum, though I am not as active as before. Our site had a lot of bashers during its prime but the thing is, we promote Philippine Volleyball. (Thanks to all the lurkers, people who constantly provide information and members who keep on posting their views and opinions. Please do visit

13. I am super KURIPOT. When I spend money, more often it’s one time-big time.

14. Netizen I am. I have a lot of online friends. Be one of them?

15. The sweetest thing a guy did for me is to write a song.

16. I love photography. I started taking photos when I was in high school. One of my dreams is to have shots like barty and kuya joey.

Visit their sites!

17. I have one sisbling. Her name is Julie and I was named after her since when we were kids, we exactly look the same daw. That ain’t true! She’s chinita while malaki ang aking mga mata! The lips, nose and even the shape of our face, there’s no similarity.

18. My full name is Julie Ann, but I never consider it as my own. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I have tons of nicks.

19. I used to enjoy wrestling. my fave wrestler is Hulk Hogan.

20. At 4, I was severely asthmatic.

21. My parents thought that I’m gonna be a boy. But when they welcome me to the world, they saw a *tooooot*. My name would have been Julius Patrick. Probably most people would call me JP.

22. When I was at high school, I had dark skin. I don’t know what happened now, I didn’t do anything. My skin is more decent since I entered college.

23. My first music idol is Alanis Morisette. I was head banging with her songs since I was a kiddo.

24. I wrote my first song when I was 5 entitled POR PABOR, take note: it’s purely Spanish.

25. It took me 13 days to finish this entry.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Single Lady

Single Lady
by yuli flestado

Since it’s valentines day, I feel like I have the duty to write something about love.

I know I’ll be too corny to write something about love for friends and family for this occasion. So what can I do? I am currently not attached to anyone, never was.

Someone said that when you say that nobody loves you, it always pertain to a partner. Hmm.. so maybe that’s why there are times that I feel so unloved. To tell you honestly, there are a lot of times that I want to give in. It’s great to have someone who’ll be there for you, through ups and down, whether it’s bad hair day or what, its nice to have a kakampi and you have someone na inaaway. But, a big BUT, I still want to have that fairytale love story, I would want my love story to be surreal. It’s one of the reasons why I opt not to, besides I promised to be a professional first before I engage into other life-major-concern.

Never been into a relationship doesn’t mean never been in love. Well I’m quite confuse if it’s really love. Maybe in few more time, I’ll be able to discern it.

To give this entry a little sense. I have some few of my love stories to tell. The first one is about puppy love.

When I was at my sixth grade, I had this friend who said I’ll be his girlfriend for a week. Just so, I said yes. And Yes, we were on for a week. After graduation, there was not enough communication. It even took me quite long time to figure out that we went to the same high school. He changed a lot. When we were at grade school, I know he was quite feminine in some ways. When we were at high school, I saw him playing volleyball with that micro-mini-short. He decided to go OUT. I am not resentful, just to record. A lot would laugh when I blab about this story. oh! I forgot to tell them that I actually really liked that guy.

High School was such a crazy life! I met a lot of people who carved me into how grotesquely odd I am today ^^. I was at my second year when I had this group of friends. We were 13 back then and among all, Gilbert was the closest. Every lunch break, I was always with him. We were so inseparable. Though I really liked him, my love for him was purely platonic. One night, he said that he wanted to tell me something. Our friends were intensely teasing us. Prior to that, I had some clues on how he felt, but I kept on believing that he's a brother to me and he felt the same way too. He went near to me and looked at my eyes. He was shaking, I could vividly remember his lips trembled. I knew what he’s about to say, but I really don’t wanna hear it. Before he could open his mouth, I said: Wait, I know what you want to say and the answer is no. I wasn’t really concern if it was offensive or were there any less nasty way to say it. He was a shocked as I. I said those words even without second thoughts. I just said what I felt. Then there he was, unmoved. It lasted for around a minute before anyone in the room could talk, there was a complete silence. Then, he walked out. I saw him walking away. A friend of mine tried to comfort him, but he shunned away. I saw him crying. At that time, I feel like my heart was firmly gripped. It was like the end of our friendship before I knew it.

Stupid, I was really so stupid to let our good friendship put into waste. I less often see him these days. The good thing is, we are quite mature to say hellos and how are you to each other. Though the good old friendship may never be back, at least we have good memories that will never put into waste. I still have him.

Guys, in one way or another will cause disappointment! Look, I am not generalizing but I can attest that there are a lot of rubbishes out there.

There are those who would flirt even though they already have their girl. It maybe inevitable but it’s not okay. There are also those guys who are so good with talking but then would eventually leave you hanging. They would say some lame excuses why and so on, the nice part is that at the end they’ll realize it’s their big lost. There are also those guys who only care about superficiality. They would frankly say that sorry I don’t like talking with not good looking people and again when they would find out how beautiful you are (I mean inside and out!), nice thing is that they would bend their knees for your attention. How sweet fate is, it would voluntarily offer the delightful revenge.

Okay, I am starting to write harsh now. Maybe you would think that I hate boys. Of course no! I love them! I mean, I love my boys. It’s always great to have some guy friends around, my dearest hubby, my langa, my superman, my partner, my twin and the rest of d bois.

To windup, I’m single and lovin’ it! =)

some of my good guyfriends. Joey, who is 2 days younger than me. Ray, my hubby and Mr. fun to talk with, Otep.

Sunday, February 01, 2009



by yuli flestado

In my facebook account, I wrote couple of days ago that I will save the world. Silly as I, I have this fallacy that I am a super hero (must include in this context that I even call my self as SuperPacu). I’ve promised to myself that as I grow old I would still pursue my hopes and dreams when I was a kid, since I consider those things as the cues of my personal legend.

Today, we went to Malagos water shed. It is one of the three watersheds in our city. Accordingly those are the main reasons why Davao City has the title as one of the world’s best water supply. My main concern during the activity was that what in the world is watershed. Probably I was busy eating and chatting with my seatmate at the time when our Earth Science professor discussed about the concept to us.

For a vivid explanation, the trees act as glasses where we drink water. Cutting tree would mean breaking the glass where we drink. Water is life. Having no water thus we die. To quench and solve this potential problem, we act now.

Small way as it may seem, but at least we made a difference.

I often aimlessly lurk around the sites and I’ve seen some photos of people who try to make a difference. As we combine those small efforts which aim to aid our mother earth, together we are making a big difference.

the jungle rangers