Sunday, February 01, 2009



by yuli flestado

In my facebook account, I wrote couple of days ago that I will save the world. Silly as I, I have this fallacy that I am a super hero (must include in this context that I even call my self as SuperPacu). I’ve promised to myself that as I grow old I would still pursue my hopes and dreams when I was a kid, since I consider those things as the cues of my personal legend.

Today, we went to Malagos water shed. It is one of the three watersheds in our city. Accordingly those are the main reasons why Davao City has the title as one of the world’s best water supply. My main concern during the activity was that what in the world is watershed. Probably I was busy eating and chatting with my seatmate at the time when our Earth Science professor discussed about the concept to us.

For a vivid explanation, the trees act as glasses where we drink water. Cutting tree would mean breaking the glass where we drink. Water is life. Having no water thus we die. To quench and solve this potential problem, we act now.

Small way as it may seem, but at least we made a difference.

I often aimlessly lurk around the sites and I’ve seen some photos of people who try to make a difference. As we combine those small efforts which aim to aid our mother earth, together we are making a big difference.

the jungle rangers

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Rej said...

Job well done. There are only few people who have high hopes for our seemingly dying mother earh. And you're one of them. I salute you!

Skippyheart said...

very admirable! :)

btw, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words.

I like the way you write. I will visit here ofter. :)

pacu said...

Rej! thanks for droppin' once again! =)

pacu said...

thank you for the compliment skipyheart. i'll try to make it better. :)

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