Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finding Debie

I honestly can’t remember when exactly we formally met. All I know is that she is a good friend, though I really don’t have the idea when will be a friend be labeled as good nor an acquaintance be considered as a friend.

She is Debie, one of the most wonderful and sweetest people I’ve ever met.

It was on August 2008 when the moderator of Director’s Guild called a meeting to rebuild the devastated club. The meeting after discussing few issues had an election of officers and she was hailed as the Public Information Officer. I honestly can’t remember when exactly we formally met or did we ever had a “hi, hello my name blah blah blah, how about you?” conversation. Through frequent encounters, her face became familiar well then I labeled her as the thin girl from DG.

I can’t remember when was the first time I called her by name but I can vividly remember the time when Chris and I teased her, baptizing her Finding Debie. It is derived from the Disney’s movie Finding Nemo. The joke wasn’t that funny but what made it very amusing was Debie’s expression. Quite teary eyed. She was indeed a perfect subject for trippin.

She is a serious crybaby. The first time I saw her crying was during our Intramurals last October. In our local slang term, she was at the state of critical werla. She was so busy, have to do this and that, check there, check here, finding solutions to problems and all. While having rounds in the movie house where we were, she repetitively asked “okay lang kayo jan?...sure? okay lang?” Worry was translucent in her eyes. I tried to hold her hands, it was a cold as ice. Then I told her to take a deep breath and relax. She was teary eyed then broke down. Seeing her cry never made me think that she’s a loser, in fact I admire her for having the courage and ability to stretch her self so wide that I can only imagine.

One of the most touching things she did for me was when she gave me a letter during our retreat. I wasn’t really expecting anything from her. Guess the best gifts in life come in great surprises. I was so moved with her letter. Rare are those moments when people would express their gratitude on the small, unnoticed yet meaningful things you do. She is one of those people who made my joie de vivre come back as I felt so low.

In the early part of the school year’s second semester, everybody was seemingly busy with the academe. When we see each other, we only have “hi, blah blah..i have to go…bye bye!” conversations. I miss the calls of ate and kuya of the younger members to the older yet not so old members. I think, the greatest quality our club has is the amazingly strong camaraderie. We are indeed a happy family.

Just yesterday, the school released the list of the students who were requested to apply for honors. Debie, was then hailed as Magna Cum Laude.

August 01, 2009

blog updated and published. Debbie is now a REGISTERED NURSE.

Thank you bro!

debie and me

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Catalyst of Spontaneous Combustion

Catalyst of Spontaneous Combustion
by Yuli Flestado

Hi! This is one of my blog entries that i kept on reading over and over again whenever I just can't understand why people are so good on hurting others. May anyone who read this learn something.

I was in grade school when I had my first and last confession of sins to a priest. When given a chance to vent out, I always rationalize that to only God I will talk with.

To make my recollection extra special, I decided to do something new, and so I decided to talk to a priest and guess what, it was a great choice.

I, as what I’ve observed have this behavior of choosing not to express how I really feel, for some time now that I have that trait, I think I’m getting used to it which makes me so difficult to even try to show how I feel. When I am offended by someone, I don't confront. I am thinking that I should understand, but letting my self believe that I understand, I fail to protect my self from the pain it caused me. Now, when there's so much pain, there's so much anger in me. It files up, small thing on top of another then with another as it become massive. And when I can't control it, BOOM! Involuntarily, I tend to believe that this person who hurt me does not exist. I can delete her to my memory just like how powerful a NOOB killer can defeat a PC virus.

That would be one of my skeletons in my closet. I am ashamed to admit but that is what I am. I understand that it is unhealthy for me and for people around me. If you know me personally, I think you know to whom I am referring to. I’m glad we grow maturely, although friends turned strangers, the best part of it is that we're not enemies. Indeed, the so-then beautiful relationship that we had was too bad put into waste. I think it is better this way, than pretending that everything is alright and for both parties believing that there's nothing wrong. I do not regret of making the choice of breaking the bond, for now I realize this unhealthy behavior and she able to comprehend how she is. To look at it, it's a nasty situation, but in our case it's a win-win solution. The best part was, I was able to hug her and exchanged our sincere apologies.

Knowing that my strategy on dealing with people is not effective, it scares me because I’ve been using that defense mechanism towards someone I dearly love. I am afraid because when anger and pain files up and reach the limit, I know what happens. And I don't want that to happen because I love him. His blood runs into my veins, yet it’s more to that, he is the person who cares and loves me in all expense. I may not understand him some times, but I love him, my world would be turned upside down, I can't change who he is in my life, he is still my father and I love him.

As the priest suggested, I vent through prayers. I talk to God and pour out my anger. Through prayers I learn how to forgive and instead of pain, I am healed.

Are you in pain too? Try to talk spontaneously to God. He will hear you. He will heal you. Have faith. Keep the faith.

"Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us"

P.S. Sorry God, I'm not visiting your house for quite some time. I hope you have an Internet access up there so you can read my blog. :)

NOTE: Photos were taken during my college retreat

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Chun Li

Chun Li

by Yuli Flestado

Whew. I just can’t believe I watched a movie for three times in one day.

The Street Fighter: the Legend of Chun Li opens with the lead character narrating her prime years with her father teaching her how to play piano and later on the art of Wushu. On night, her home was attacked by Bison and his men taking away her father.

Years later, Chun Li who was called as the school girl by Bison has grown up. As her mother died due to cancer, she travels to Bangkok, Thailand to search for her father and to scribble her own legend.

I am not quite pleased with the style of transition used for this movie. At times fade was used but there were a lot of times the transition was too quick which make it difficult for the viewers’ eyes to follow. I think what made it destructing to see was the setting per se, When Chun Li is at the street, and there are a lot of colors that deviate the attention from the subject of the picture to the background. I remember when I had my seminar on photography discussing about aperture. With instances like day street scenes, I think I’ll be better to use portrait instead of landscape, just to emphasize the subject. On the side of the coin, it caters us new flavor of cinematography that we may get used to and like it… or not.

Also, I noticed that when there’s a close shot, the cut on the top is at the forehead and not above the head. So I guess I’ll be using that technique for a while. It looks better that taking a portrait with the whole head in the picture.

I was a faithful viewer of Smallville for two seasons. To critically assess Kristin Kreuk’s acting ability (with no biases), I think she moves too slow on enhancing her acting skills. Her Lana Lang facial expressions are still there which makes me forget at times if I am watching Chun Li or Clark Kent’s high school lover. Her martial arts skills were very impressive. I thought she’ll be too soft for the character, just basing on her body built. I’ve heard she used to enroll in a gymnast class and I believe that’s why she looks so fine gently moving her hands as she breathes. Her fighting skills are impressive too, I never seen a scene of hesitancy.

While almost done watching the movie, I hear some sobs at my side. My friend Gang was dropping her tears. No! It’s certainly not because of the movie. She said she’s suffering separation anxiety. You see, she’s been my classmate and friend for almost four years, whole years in College! Hey friends! are you feeling it too? Okay, I know it’s a different story.

To wrap this entry, may we all stand up in time when there's difficulty in standing. Broad? To simplify, just do your thing and kick some ass!