Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Opa's Homecoming

Inspired by patty's blog. This entry is a mini photo documentation.

After 10 years! at last he's back! Though my opa is a natural playboy, i love this old man. this guy loves debate, now i know to why my father loves to argue even in small things. I will surely miss my chika chikas with him every morning while reading newspaper for the lotto result.

parang gusto kong magyabang. ehem! may lolo din ako no?! kahit na wala pa akong ka muwang muwang noong huli kaming nagkita ang mahalaga ay umuwi na sya dito sa davao para bisitahin kami! ^___^

Trishia meeting her friendster. They bond immediately after I introduced her to Yuri (in blue shirt).

DROOOLING for these desserts! the first photo is aunt's post grad gift while the latter is our gift for mum's birthday (yummy caramel!). The third one is one of the best mango floats in the whole wide world!!!

Nature adventure! Trishia was so happy to visit the park. Though it rained a bit, it didn't stop us to have some fun. (In this photo: My aunt, mum and trishia).

Trishia, like my father super loooooooves ice cream! she's so kulet! :D

My mum in the cemetery. We visited my onkel Dodex who died less that a month after i was born. We went to shrine right after to hear the mass. (^^)

Then we went to onkel Calex's house for a short visit. Though we're living in the same city, it's been a long time since i last saw them. Trishia (yes, that 5 year old kid cousin of mine) took this shot. Sorry it's blurry, she insisted.

We hit the beach, sun and sand! My cousin and aunt walking along the shore.

My sister in a kayak desperately learning to balance.

Today, they left to manila and i'm back with my busy life. ENJOY SUMMER! :)

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emmless said...

Hi dear! nice pictures.I hoped i was in Davao too. Life in Germany is boring.I miss the family connection.Your Onkel Dieter want a quiet sorrundings that`s why he loved Mauritius while i loved family trouble.........he.he.he
viel liebe,
tante emma

emmless said...

Hi sorry dear! mali pa gyud akong spe sa surroundings. Palpak na gyud ang Eng eng.
tante emma pa rin

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