Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stop text flooding, I’m DROWNING!

Do you know that Philippines is the texting capital of the world? This photo can testify. Yeah! That’s my poor handy trying to handle the 76 messages I received since this afternoon.

There are times that I like to receive messages from my friends, hearing updates with their lives would be really great but there are also times that I get tired of reading same messages passed by tons of people.

Guess a lot of people are exploiting the unlimited text service nowadays. HAHA

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dChen of The Citadel said...

Hahahaha!! That's a lot!!! 76 messages @__@ WEw~ Phones don't have that drag and drop kind of thing that PCs do and it sucks especially when you want to delete a lot of messages but not your entire inbox.

If you're thinking about the mark function kinda sucks because you'd just have to like press the same keys over and over again until you finish selecting everything. Ack~ LOLs

Vea said...


soon I'll take a pic of my mobile phone too. wait until you see the hundreds of quotes and group messages... flooding my inbox screen! LOL :D

pacu said...


Eda said...

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