Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why I don’t go to church

When I was a kid, my family would always go to church together every Sunday. After hearing the mass, we dine in to satisfy grumpy stomachs. Talked and laughed, such a happy family!

That was years ago, time has brought a lot of changes in our lives.

Today, my mother works as one of the respected staff in her office. My sister is a staff nurse in one of the tertiary hospitals in the city. I am a fresh graduate from a prestigious school while my father stays at home taking care of my sick oma and onkel.

Don’t doubt it, I am grateful for the blessing my family and I receive. At least we can still eat together (though at times we can’t) in the kitchen. At least we can still afford to bond while using magic sing. At least we don’t stay at the hospital like what we’ve experienced last holiday supposedly lull. We are still a happy family anyway.

But whenever I go to church, I just can’t fight away the feeling of envy to see families who can afford to go out and pray together.

It is one of my dreams that is so hard to come true.

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

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Inge_mares said...

bebu happy easter to you! doesn't equal going to church right?'s through the deeds

Anonymous said...

but that is one of the 10 commandments. that's why u have to. keep the faith, go to church!

Anonymous said...

i dont go to church too.
but that doesnt mean im not a believer.
just that..maybe God is a little pissed of. or maybe not so little. =)

Anonymous said...

i feel u hehe:)

kiara rina said...

hehehehe.. kita nalang uban juls... hehehehehe... miss you... unsa ym ni uy? the same situation ta... we don't go to church together sad, i go alone... but may family man rin ako sa church so happy100x kaayo!!! heehehehehehe... >>> kiara

Mig said...

follow your heart, what it say is always righteous because you are a good person. There are people go to church for the sake of going to church. they hear the gospel though they don't listen to what it say. when you do good deeds i think that's an evidence that you love God.
like people who visit your blog. only some will read your entries.When you go to church, go there wholeheartedly.

pamela said...

i feel you there.

Anonymous said...

Going to Church is just like going to the home of someone you love. We go to our boyfriends or girlfriends homes simply because we love being with them. But when the fire of that love becomes like a flickering flame, you would hardly find yourself going to the same place often.

Of course, God is everywhere. However, there is always that special place where we meet with Him. Hard it may seem but we must search ourselves if we have a place in our hearts for God. We are sometimes too preoccupied of what we want or need for ourselves and then forget Who provides them all. We spent all 6 days of the week for work and ourselves and yet we could hardly spent at least an hour or two to go to that "special place" to thank Him.

'Hope you wont get mad or something. Just a thought anyway. All the best.


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