Friday, May 22, 2009

Ishytography 101

I don’t go to a formal photography class and only attended around 3 not-so-formal photography seminars. When I was in high school I started taking photos but I could not practice that much because I was using an old school camera. Developing was darn so expensive! In college I was able to buy my own digital camera. It’s one my most important possessions, proud to say I bought it straight from my pocket. The fact that bringing DG cam is inconvenient, I bought a camera phone with a good photo quality and ehem.. yes again, proud to say (though my parents aren’t) I used my own money. So whenever there’s a good subject, I just increase the picture size and give a little touch through photoshop.

If you’re quite oriented to the golden rules of photography, let me introduce to you my own golden rule which is to “break the rule”. Here’s a photo I took during a cheer dance competition in our school. So I believe my photo perfectly falls down to my own golden rule. Breaking the rules is not always that bad, it’s not that I’m defending my photo :P. I just love how clearly my subject appeared although he was in motion while taking the photo. I like the blur affect of his dark background too. The color combination was just right. Black and orange. Hmm.. looks familiar? Whooohh?!? My template has orange-black combination, what a coincident! Another thing I love with this photo is the flaming effect of the flag my subject is carrying. If you can’t see that flaming effect I’m talking about. Err.. Can you just pretend you can see it? nyaha!

Here’s another photo I took. The captured confetti really looked cool.

This one is a photo with the cheerleader and a very supportive faculty member. See that big smile and hands holding? Ohh the bliss!

So maybe you’re calling me moron by praising my own photos. Haha! People from these photos were from blazing phoenix team who championed the event while I’m from nursing republic, the team who grabbed the second place. It could be I’m bitter that we lost (I really believe our team’s stunts were the best), so telling my readers how I’m happy to capture these moments is my lame attempt of compensation. Whew! That event was around a year ago. Oh well. I guess I’m just so darn bored and burned out. (I'm writing at the hospital)

It takes 999 shots to have that 1 perfect photo. In short, click lang ng click hanggang makachamba! You’re a genius barty!

pahabol na photos :)

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♥ Renise said...

thanks for visiting Yuli. =)

BernardC said...

Young Campbell@Yuli

Como estas??
I don usually speak spanish

YULI said...

hey renise! have a great weekend! :D

YULI said...

hey bernard, i only know few Spanish words. lol

moi bein mi amigo. :D

Joyce said...

It's great that you're not a rule-follower. Rules were meant to be broken, but there's reasons why they were there at first place.

I'm not going to lecture you on anything, but here's my opinions:

1. Get a tighter crop. No, I don't mean doing it with software editing. I mean get as close to your subjects as possible. Even if that means stepping out of line, but you don't have to worry about that right since you're not a rule follower.

2. Anticipate the angles and pursue them relentlessly. The second photo was good, but it'll have a lot more impact if you get to the front and capture the expression of the guy holding that thing.

The third photo was great :) Personally I like it better if it was cropped tighter. But that's just me.

YULI said...

rules are there to guide us. a friend of mine once told me :)

guess a good photographer should have quick pair of shoes and rumble against the crowd to have that nice shot.

joyce, thank you so much for writing your opinions. points will be taken. :)i really appreciate it! thanks again!

leo7_lion said...

there is ntg wrong with praising own photos^^ lol... it is a sign of satisfactory

renaye said...

good photos but i feel if u can zoom more on the people's expression.. that will be better. :)

YULI said...

guess i need a telephoto in that case or I'll go near the subject even security guards will run after me. ^^ that you'd be fun. thanks for commenting :)

Anonymous said...

cool.. i also love photography.. :D by the way, nice shots.. :D

YULI said...

thank you miss anonymous. i'm wondering who you are... hmmmm..... :P

katcatcute said...

wow.. so bongga you ate pacu.. hehehe..

more power!!

mishoO.. Ü

Anonymous said...

all i can say is that those photos that you've taken are definitely UNIQUE since you based it on your own style...good job =)..keep it up ate PACU! ^_^ -oniela

Terence Teng2 said...

I used to photograph extreme sports back in my early teenage years. I was obssessed with my camera at that time and my skateboard. You make me want to pick up a camera again. :)

YULI said...

@kat, your red dress is so bongga too!:D

@thank you oniela

@go pick up your camera teng. it's fun! have fun! :D

leechon said...

hi there..ur picture is nice, may I know what camera are you using? and from the it dslr?what brand ah?

YULI said...

yep, it's an SLR. im was using user friendly CANON! :D

Rej said...

ok na sana eh kaso bakit may t-shirt pa ganun. hayyysssttt!!!

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