Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Time Voter

One of my major goals this summer is to volunteer in a medical mission. I am blessed to be part of a medical program. Little did I know it was sponsored by a government official. Just want to share some things that actually happened:

1. The government official gave us (the volunteers) some shirts with his name written on it. I gave it to my opa since its so big for my size and I don’t want to wear it, people may think that I support Mr. E***., the government official. Duh! my opa won’t even accept it! He said he is not a supporter. I told him he can wear it when he is inside his house so no one will see or can use it as a rug. It looks like one anyway.

2. I was quite confused if I was in a meeting de avance since there are a lot of names and photos of this E*** government official all over the venue. Haven’t I mention, people were shouting, E***! E***! E***!

3. Are you mad I’m calling this dear politician Mr. E***? His name is written in every box and set of medicines dispensed. The medicines that I my self dispensed! Chill down guys, to inform the poor clients that Mr. E*** is the great sponsor was not part of my health teachings.

4. We were quite strict on giving the medicines, one of the concerns was people might self medicate and have some health problems latter on. We don’t give more on what were written in their Rx. But guess what people! Numbers of boxes were given to the reporters and cameramen. I must admit we also took some, but it’s not illegal. Ayt! Tsk Those were generic medicines and my mum don’t want to use it. So I end up distributing those meds to other people

5. When I went home, I told my pop about my experience and I said that in fairness to the government official, at least he did something good for the less fortunate. He asked me back if how sure am I that the money used for that medical mission were not from the own wallets of tax payers. Actually, I’m not sure.

Here is a photo I took when we had a feeding mission in one poor areas in our city. I understand that it’s better to teach men how to fish than give them fish but that was the least we can do to our brethren.

I am now officially a registered voter today. So I guess I have to vote for the lesser evil. If you don’t have any plan to register, shame on you! WALA KANG KARAPATANG MAGREKLAMO SA KUNG ANO MAN ANG NANGYAYARI SA LIPUNAN!

6 Violent Comments:

anonymousiii said...

E for EPAL

Yi Ling said...

eh. floor rag. LOL. :P seems like the person whom wants to get into power is over doing things! such things are overrated. way overrated. power struggles, politics, etc. oh wells.

renaye said...

i have thought of volunteering but i have not found the right org to volunteer with.

BernardC said...

Yuli o Yuli...
Anywhere in the world is like this, asking for volunteer, even the election fever is still quite a distance away...

Yea, u took ur picture using a mobile camera or some sophisticated camera as well?

YULI said...

politicians go down and dirty just to make sure they'll have the power. tsk

the photo in this entry was taking by my phone camera and i did some little photoshop editing. when there are chances i use slr in taking photos too :D

Bradpetehoops said...

Ang gagaling nila! Congratz!

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