Friday, May 29, 2009

If you think my summer is too boring

If you think my summer is too boring… think again!

This is the most prolific I’ve ever had (so far). I was blessed to join the group that offers free mass circumcisions with in and away from our city. The best part of this experience is that I was trained how to circumcise by one of fave clinic instructors in our school. Thanks a lot Doctor Ony (maybe he is reading my blog, la!)

As far as I know, circumcision is done for hygienic purpose and part of Philippine culture. Im not sure with the other asian countries. I’m too sloth to conduct a research and too coy to ask people. Isn’t it weird to ask, hey, uso ba tui sa inyo?/ are boys get circumcised in your place? (say what???)

Here is a photo taken by my friend otep. Man, this kid really looks scared. To handle them is really a big challenge. There are times that I wanna spank them because of the noise like pigs that they make. Don’t worry, I did not hurt anybody… oh well, technically I did because I cut their skins.

Here are the instruments that we use. OBSERVE STERILE TECHNIQUE PLEASE. This is supposedly candid! (candid tilet! haha! why are you smiling at the camera? )My first operation was such a funny experience. Man! I had partial seizure, and my hands are having tremors and no matter what I do I can’t help them stop the shaking. (booooo!)

And here is the photo of my finale adventure. This picture was taken away from our dear city. My mum was very shocked when I told her that I’m going to Pantukan, Compostella Valley. She taught I was kidding. Surprise! Surprise!

Another great thing that this experience has brought is that I’ve meet new friends and bond with good old friends. Happy to bond again with my ever sexy namie, sarah, otep, roy, ed, maia and litet! (hey, I’m giving shoutout, am i? )

The down side. I don’t have a photo of me operating a kid. Yay! Boooo! There were like 150+ kids who want to get circumcise. 0.o We we’re so busy then to take photos.

Inline with this, guys and gals! I want you to meet Tinkerbell, my god daughter. (Tintoy is a local street name for penis, pretty gross to be named from this body part. la?) Isn’t she adorable? She looked so lethargic when we bought her but when we tried to let her invade the grass, she was replenished and hopped all over the place! I haven’t seen her for a while, I’m sure her mummy is taking well care of her.

Click here for the blog post of don chen about our dear baby (the daddy who wants to eat tinky, mean! haha!)

If you were able to read my other posts, I wrote about volleyball, movies, politics, photography. Pretty schizophrenic la? I’m enjoying using la as an expression nowadays “la” :D. uhgg… there are so many things that I want to do, but gotta have a stand on my decision into what I should be. What you want to be is not exactly what you should be. Darn! I’m just a simple 19 year old who lives in this complicated world and things are getting more and more complicated as I grow up. @_@

Start of the review lessons will be on june... ergo, my life will be boring.. ciao!

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dChen said...

What's with the la? XD Haha!! LOL
Tinky is cute :P

litet said...

yeah. wUt's wit the la? wehe. ;] it's a cUte expresSiOn thOu. LA! :D i misS oUr tinKy. =/ i misS tUli. i misS freE foOd. :9 i misS old friends and new frienDs. waAa. XD can't wait fOr oUr cUlmi. n_n

YULI said...

"la" it's an expression i learned from asian friends. i find it cute din eh. wa"la" lang i like using it :D

-ellesig- said...
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Bartybart said...


Maaksyon nga ang summer mo hehehe!

Parte ka ng pinakamahalagang yugto sa bawat buhay ng mga batang lalake na yan. hehehehe!

YULI said...

superfun! lalo na pagkatapos kasi we always have free fiesta este lunch. :)

ngayon ko lang na pansin, litet pala ang gamit na pangalan ni tilet. :P

barty, sana maalala nila ako. ahihi :)

faradeeba said...

hye yuli : thanks for dropping by at my blog.

wow your comment on my recent post was awakening.
i mean, i never really thought that it could be like personality disorder or what..i just think it's normal..

and i've already started reading bout morbid.

gee, thanks yah!

YULI said...

keep that sanity in your pocket. haha! just have fun! :D

Cyril said...

dropping by.. nice layout!

Clarisse Teagen said...


That's the name of my previous blog.
The Tinkerbell Walk.

SO adorable. :D

YULI said...

whata coincident lah~ :D

Mr. JuanStep said...

Wow. That's a very challenging experience. I can't imagine myself cutting skins. Haha.

YULI said...

indeed. i always palpitate whenever i operate. :)

yesterday, i'm officially enrolled in a review center. class starts at 8am and ends at 5pm. darn! my life is officially boring :l

Andy/내디/安迪 said...

thx for visiting my blog. ^^. you have a nice blog too.

YULI said...

thank you for the compliment :D said...

Was the rabbit cut up too? I would be sad if...BTW, thank u for visiting my blog. :o)

YULI said...

nooooooo! LOL our rabbit is a SHE :D

thank yah lah~ come by often :D

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