Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Sunday, May 10,2009 (Late post, I Know! :D )

I bought some flowers from old vendors today. Although the flowers they sell were not that in good quality, I’m thinking that it wouldn’t matter anyway. Once you cut flowers from its stem, its color would fade and die eventually. At least these flowers would die in good purpose, to help the old vendors in their living and to make my mum smile for this day.

To the superwoman who brought me to this world. She who herself wants to wash and iron my own clothes because she wants to make sure I look neat. She who often reminds me to bring my handkerchief because I have severely active wet glands on my palms. She who works more that 10 hours a day, 7 days a week just to send me to a good school. She who has a mouth like a machine gun (peace!). She who annoyingly always self-sacrifice to provide me comfort.

To my favorite woman in the world, thank you! I love you mama!

Happy Mother’s day to all mothers and acting like real mothers!

A no-look-shot photo I took this morning. This subject does not really need a lot of thinking on what angle to shot. It’s perfectly beautiful. Must mention, out of curiosity I ask the vendors what’s the name of the flower and they said it’s called MUMPS, I thought it sounds weird to name a flower from an illness so I asked them to spell it. ALAS! I’m a young deaf! It is called MUM not mumps. Coincident ah?

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nice new layout!

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my blog is a mess. I'm still trying to fix it. :)

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