Saturday, May 09, 2009

What have I miss?

A lot of things we encounter take away our joie de vivre. We do stumble and fall. We tend to hate the world and people around us. We believe that the world is on our shoulders and we don’t want to take a look at the possible solutions. All we want to do is get mad, scream and even act hostile.

Before you agree with me, please do take time to watch this short film based on a blog.

My Blog, My World (Youth Blog)

While we are so busy focusing our attention with all the unpleasant things happening to us, we tend to neglect the bright side. I understand that the morning sunshine and blooming flowers can’t save the day but aren’t those the things that make us smile? That keep us going? Don’t dwell much at the gloom side, you might get used to it. Maybe you can’t remember how to bounce back again. Although most of the time things go wrong, life is beautiful! Burn, burn, burn and keep on burning my friend!

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dChen said...

So basically just don't think all about the problems in your life and how to solve them in every time you have. Grab the opportunity to take a break from them even though your time is so constricted. Its not that healthy. LOLz.. Reminds me of my two months of depression.

YULI said...

...and a sweet little bunny named tinky lifted up your spirit. :)

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