Thursday, June 25, 2009


These past few days, I’m feeling so low. Since Monday, I always wake up with the gloomy sky (literally) and arrive at my review class always almost late but today, the Mother Nature seemed like want to cheer me up. This morning I woke up with sun shining so bright, I can feel its energy replenishing me and blessing me with resilience.

Do things happen for a reason or Things happen and we give them reasons in favor to boost our egos. I don’t know.

I am really enthusiastic going back to class but my frustration towards my O.R. and D.R. completion of cases always pull me down. Like 6 feet beyond the ground.

Worrying keeps me moving but it won’t get me anywhere. I know. On the other hand, I don’t exactly know why I’m feeling this way.

P.S. I had a compliment from our reviewer today, I pray his words will come true. : )

I discovered my Uni loves photography even before It has come to my senses that there’s such thing. Take a look at this photo that she took. The flowers blooming graciously even in a bad weather.

Sometimes I just wanna be gigolo.

Who can make a boisterous laugh even in a bad day.


who can jump around and disappear as fast as THIS!

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PeterPan said...

Been hearing lots of news about this event, sometimes i do watch but failed to witness the finals, from what i heard ust beat the stags twice during the elimination so no surprise who's the champion now, Congrats to them i think they deserve it.

YULI said...

SSC is the best contender in Vleague in my opinion. most people expected that it will be a close fight, having baulee and roces but surprise surprise! :D

Myhorng said...

Ninja! LOL. nice 1.

мinna said...

Hey there. I like your layout it's neat! I've included your link with your comment on my blog post today, thanks for the fact! :)

YULI said...

hey minna! thank you, happy to share something lah~ :)

myhorng, go get your black suit and lets jump the urban roofs :D

TokDon said...
be frnds

TokDon said...

hloooo nice

Alvin Lim said...

dropping by Yuli :)
have a nice day

Xjion89 said...

halo, visiting^^~~~~

jOaNn said...


long time no see! hahaha.. bago lang ta nagkita sa

hmmm..don't get discouraged..

kung alam mo lang din ang pinagdaanan ko before na-complete ang cases ko.. matatapos din yan.. go,go,go!

I think it's one of the reasons why passing NLE is such an achievement.

tc always friend!

CH Voon said...

Ninja ... are you sure?


where you from? japan -> a lot ninja there...

YULI said...

CH Voon, sure na! =)

thanks jo and everyone who cheered me up.

Ninja Biker said...

are you talking bout' me?

YULI said...

not really :)

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