Friday, June 19, 2009


This entry is entitled "sunshine" just because of the sun shining that you can see at the upper left of my page =) Isn't it better than to name this post as "UNTITLED"?

Hello blog world! I’m back from the outerspace!

Been busy and feeling low for quite a while so I decided to changed my blog theme into something bright (to lift up my spirit ). I still need 1 DR case and 2 major cases. : ( it took away my excitement of having review classes. Anyway, I have 3 stories for you.

STRESSLESS IS STRESSFUL. Wake up late. Pig out. Web Lurking. Sleep late. That’s just a boring lifestyle. I’ve been semi-idle since I graduate and I realized how sucky to have a bum life! I’m not used to be not busy, stress has always been a part of my life. I’m not used to live without it. I wanna have review classes nah, at least I have something to focus on instead of worrying of my cases!

This is what we call, ENJOYING LIFE. I admit, my ABSdomen is getting flabby, I’m not pregnant for the record it’s just that I’m getting fat. My friends say that, “ate, you’re not sexy na” lol But I still weigh 47kgs, no change for 4 years at all. Guess I’ll never meet my 50kgs goal. Boooo! : (

CAMPEONE. When I was watching, I can’t help but smile! I am very pleased to know that a woman from our place named, Mary Jean Balse became Shakey’s Vleague two-time MVP. As most aficionados expected that it would be a tight game, coach shaq was able to push his players to the limits outgamed San Sebastian College 3 straight defeat, 25-18, 25-20, 25-22. The energy was so on as everything seems to go right in favor for the lady tigers. Balse lead the team with Maiza’s 14 points. UST’s tall players offensively construct firm wall of Espaňa along the net, not allowing the ladies from Recto to gain point. Simple yet very effective hits plus aces by Co also contribute a lot in the final match. Ortiz’s quick attack also worsen the bad reception of the opponents. Must mention the conference’s best setter and final’s MVP, Rhea Dimaculangan’s excellent performance with an average 80-85% success rate. (pretty high lah~).

Too bad for our fave thai import Jang Bualee who faild for the fifth time in four years to lead the stags to the championship. Better luck in October maybe. Now, isn't this a beautiful photo?

Rumors say that the crowd fave Angeli Tabaquero who was spotted with former captain Venus Bernal will be back to the team for the next UAAP season.

Come what may, Lady Tigers supporters are ONE for UST

photos courtesy to: Dondi Nolasco and Joey Villaluz, thank yah!

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Rej said...

-Stressless is stressful.
-My ABSdomen is getting flabby.
Nakarelate ako. Hehe!

I like your cam. :)

Mr. JuanStep said...

New layout. Very nice! :)

YULI said...

thank you juan.

rej, my friend owns it. nakikiarbor lang. :D

Boris said...

hehehe i;m much more heavier than you :p well duh because I'm a guy??? hahah XD

ang liit naman nung maskara ng lalake hahaha pambata naman kasi.

YULI said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lil` girl }♥ said...

nice pictures! :D

YULI said...

ewan ko ba, ang astig lang kasi, naka eyeglass pa sya. :D
- kuya joey
- kuya dondi
go visit their sites! :)

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