Monday, June 08, 2009

you're the 1, Goldilocks!

You’re the number 1 because you’re the only one.

I feel like the goddess of writing has not yet enlightened me. Ergo, the first step I did in creating this entry is that I turned my laptop upside down to retrieve photos that I had spent with foods wrapped in yellow and blue. Blessed to find some…

Photo taken during my senior year in college, first semester (2007) when we had our out of town duty. We had a double birthday celebration for our dear clinical instructor Ma’am Wen and our groupmate Dora. (Don’t mind us, the three people at the back, we’re a little cam whore)

But when was the first time these foods in yellow and blue entered my life? During my prime when I was 13 years old at my dear Uni’s debut celebration, I could only remember 2 things. One, my pop cried in bliss because his baby transfigured into a lady. Second is the look of my uni’s cake. It was just now that I have come to realized that her cake was exactly like, like, like this:

Oh la la la! That’s goldilocks!

Every important event, when we celebrate. Goldilocks is always there.

Photos taken during the birthday of my groupmate, Mao when we went back to our city yet still on duty.

It’s just really amazing how a cake can do. We gave these gifts (image below) to one of our clinical instructors as a form of appreciation and peace offering for the severe headache that we’ve caused to her. Honestly, we were quite scared whenever she becomes toxic. We giggled when we saw her smiling (which she rarely do during those times) while she receiving our gifts. An ecstacy! (2008)

My last rotation as a student nurse was Practicing Clinical Instructor which was a very big challenge since I have to act like a Clinical Instructor. The most important lesson I learned was the importance of establishing rapport. It was such a beautiful experience to have people that you call students who respect you and value you as a person. And what is a culmination party without the pastries from the number one bakeshop? (2009)

Filipinos love to eat and it’s not just eating, it’s pigging out! : ) but why do we chose goldilocks as part of our fave foods? Is it:

A. They hire super artistic grandsons and granddaughters of Da Vinci and they are trained to stretch those lips and smile to brighten up your day.

B. They know how to compensate the different choices on taste. (I’m drooling 10 liters of spittle at the moment. )

C. They give freebies like this NINA cd and maybe they will give me mini laptop. ^^

The answer: All of the above plus letter D.

D. Goldilocks is already part of Filipino culture. It has already been a witness of every momentous moment that we had and we will continue to celebrate with it in future celebrations.


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mR.FrEeDoM said...

aha write your own lol then tell me the link i would read it ok ? ^_^

katcatcute said...

ate pax!!

Richard Ling said...

nice one~

YULI said...

thank you Richard! :D

hey kat, i don't know how to comment on your page. *loser* i know. hehe! where can i find the set of DG team building photos?? i've been looking for it like since forever :P

katcatcute said...

nasa facebook ni kuya Roy and multiply ni Michael Vicente.. madami dun.. hehehe..

sa tagboard ka nalang comment ate.. hehehe.. mishoO.. Ü

Anonymous said...

cute nmn...iniendorse mo goldilocks....hehe

YULI said...

miss you so much kat. miss my DG family so bad :l

Mat`amiT said...

wow double birthday...must one heck of a party...

YULI said...

one heck! that night, i mean morning cause we started our party at 12am. we even dressed up! :D supahh fun! i miss the days! :l :)

Bradpetehoops said...

They are the greatest!

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