Friday, July 24, 2009


I’ve been eating a lot of unhealthy foods. A LOT! Chocolates, junk foods, too salty and too sweet lead my overly sensitive tonsils react again. (photo by my friend Mitchy Sun)

Last Saturday, I had difficulty of swallowing, checking my dear tonsils in the mirror, dang! Severely swollen and look so red. Actually, I’m quite blessed enough not to see white coats around it, because that would mean there's PUS. Yay! Super gross! I know!

Sunday morning, I felt so exhausted. Checked my temperature. Oh la la! It’s 38C. I slept and chewing acetaminophen whole day. I had difficulty of sleeping and woke up early morning around 2am. I felt so hot, checked my temperature again. I AM LITERALLY HOT! It was 38.9C! my lips were so dry and I can feel my breath more effective than a heater. My Uni had 11-7 shift, so I'm home alone. I’m really thankful my Mum insisted to stay in our house to take care of me. (we live in a different house but in the same compound though).

Monday morning, we went to hospital for EENT check up. I would recommend you guys to go to physician’s clinic and not just in the Emergency Room because doctor’s who attend in ER are residents, not to belittle their ability but it is always better to consult an EXPERT.

So there I was, sitting at the doctor’s weird clinic. It was like I’m Hogwarts’ astronomy classroom. Yeap! I can see stars all over his clinic.To my surprise, the diagnosis was not just tonsillitis but PHARYNGITIS! Part of my throat behind the soft palate is inflamed. Antibiotics were prescribed for a week. (Expensive, yay!)

The next day, Tuesday, although I still have fever I forced my self to go to class. One, because staying at home makes me feel more ill. Second, we had a very good lecturer in Psychiatric Nursing. It’ll be a big lost on my part to miss his class. Surprised once again, it wasn’t only me who skipped class on Monday in fact, healthy I am. I was able to skip only a day. MORE THAN ¾ in the class were not feeling well. Most of the symptoms that my classmates experienced were fever, cough and colds. H1N1? Okay, here’s the theory. Someone from the class was infected by the virus yet did not consult a physician. Anyway, gradually we are getting better. ALL is WELL that ENDS WELL. Ayt! : )

Here’s a photo of healthy me! (using my friend's handy) The aftermath of my story is that I religiously take my Vitamins. I also do a little stretching and flexing those muscles every morning.

Yep, I was in the elevator in that photo using my friend’s handy. Would you believe I was trapped in the elevator TWICE this morning! How untimely, we had an exam and yes! I was late!

P.S. Finally, I was able to distinguish what’s my target grade for every exam. And for 2 consecutive examinations, I failed to meet my goal! Darn, it is only now that I realize the importance of 4 points! *disappointed*

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dChen said...

LOL I got sick after just a week of recovery from the seasonal flu. I think I got pharyngitis too as it was kinda difficult to swallow. :D Everyone seems to be fine now. I'm glad that the nearby college closed as it is quiet here in our part of Davao :P

BTW, do you have egg shells? :D
Contact me if you have some ^_^

Philip said...

Hi Yuli,got yr blog address through eiling's.As I always need some assistants when doing graduation photography in KL, I first thought you could be one of them. But alas, you are so far away. Anyway, I hope we can catch up with each other through our blogs.Take care and have a nice weekend.

YULI said...

DON. what would you wanna do with egg shells? are you up to no good again don? ^^ kidding! no shells, but 2 dozens of eggs inside our frig! :D

PHILIP waaah! alas indeed! i would really love to help you. keep in touch buddy! :D

[мя]ɴɨʛɛʅ- said...


YULI said...

too bad i can't eat sweets as much as i want to :l

RK said...

hey..thanks for dropping by..
i think i love ur blog more than mine

RK said...

hey..thanks for dropping by..
i think i love ur blog more than mine

YULI said...

hey RK, you're funny lah~ thanks for droppin' by! ^^

Gerald Cheong. said...

Hey, nice bright layout you have here. dropping by :)

jam said...

Chocolates won't cause H1N1 though.

YULI said...

thanks gerald, i'll soon shift to black background :D

YULI said...

but chocolates make my tonsils to swell so bad :l leading to ear, nose and throat problem.. haysssst! : l

yeowhq said...

stay healthy Gal! gulp more h2o!
take care yal!

YULI said...

too much water makes me nauseous @.@ but am trying hard to take good care of my health but it takes so much effort. thank ya! :)

DaVe said...

Hi Tol musta?

stay healthy bawasan na ang chocolates. heheheh :D

YULI said...

Life without chocolates is a BITTER life :((

pamela said...

daghanag endorphins ato oi..hehehe
hurot na? lol

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