Monday, July 27, 2009

Tingled my senses

No class today, I was able to watch Hunter X Hunter. AWHAT? They are still showing that old anime! I was still in high school when got hooked. A little trivia, PACU (one of my ten thousand nicks) came from that show. No, it’s not from a fish. This is how PACU (fish) with humanoid teeth looks like, yay! Looks so scary lah~ give justice to our name!

Back to the show, I made something out of the episode today.

Do you agree?


I finally completed the required OR and DR cases for the board examination. I don’t have make cotton balls anymore, yay! My new dilemma is the signing of my templates. One problem after another, uhg Infinite problem!

P.S. I met people I befriend with when I had my completion. They didn’t recognize me at first because “I look very different wearing scrub suit, a notorious mischievous kid who just hangs around the corner of the street” to add, how about not even minding to take a bath? Now, I would accept the first lines, but not the last line! Haha! That’s just too MEAN! Kidding aside, I’m really happy to meet them once again, they even approached me first! :)


The June 2009 Nurse Licensure Exam Result has finally released! Thank you Bro! Wilmar, Debie, and Camille are now registered nurses! WOW!


Click for FULL SCREEN VIEW of Performance of Nursing Schools:


That’s it for now, adios!

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cheverlou said...

saan palabas ang hunter x hunter??? hahaha

Anonymous said...

ahahaha pretty nice... actually i ddnt know that there was a fish named "pacu".. and yep, i know that u got ur name on hunter x hunter..that was the hot blonde girl and a member of spider.. am i right? hehe :D

YULI said...

hi bunso! :) sa GMA! watch ka! haha! kamusta ka na? na miss kita ah!

popete! nice popete! tama ka! pero weird lang talaga ang itsura ng fish! @.@

XtasyM said...

Hey Yuli... u doing nursing?

Anyway... 1 case of h1n1 is enough to make the world go crazy... wonder why they so panic when the virus is not even deadly...

Oniela said...

hmmm...I find it weird when you said that your nickname "PACU" did came from a fish...haha!'s funny, but atleast now i know where it really came from...btw(did you took the nursing board exam?)...=)

YULI said...

hey XtasyM! yep, nursing is my course! :)

it think getting sick is too stressful and alters our life pattern that's why most people are getting gaga with the virus. :)

ONIELA, that fish causes me goose bumps! lol

i'll take the board exam this november. i pray it'll give me a favorable result. :)

Anderson said...

hoho...u r the 1 being nurse????haha...i got a sister is in the nursing course also....

SaNn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog....^^, said...

TQ for coming by my blog and I have this to say...eew...what pacu is this? What a fish! Have a nice day. :o)

YULI said...

hey, anderson! i wanna meet your sister, i wonder how malaysian nurses are being trained :)

thanks too sann! :D

haha! perfect reaction coming from bubbles! "eww"

Sherii yap said...

thanks lol ;D

YULI said...

thanks too! :)

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