Thursday, August 27, 2009


Filipinos love to sing! And most of us are really proud of it. Most of the foreigners would wonder why Filipinos do not sing in an enclosed place. Hindi pa kasi uso ang KTV bars noon and until now, the old er, senior prefer to sing in not so public places… onli in da Philippines ika nga! : )

There are a lot of good Pinoy singers out there, not to mention those who cause pandemic singing sensation. To name some, we have A.p.L of Black Eyed Peas, lead singer of the oh so SEXY Pussy Cat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger, hot Latino Enrique Iglesias, the youtube star Charice Pempengco and if you’ll allow me to let Dara park of power house rookie 2ne1 join the list… she’s Filipino at heart naman ah?

Not to tickle your mind, I used to like the OST of Hayden Camera Scandal, “careless whisper” but it eventually went out of my list not because of the video per se but because since that issue became controversial… all people were singing it! Geee! CSF was leaking on my ears! Go back to our story…

Meet my crew!

Medj – the operator who loves to play Aqua’s Barbie girl lol! and

Joey- the master rapper who loves to increase the tempo of every song we pick. ohyeah!

Dora- the sOnger who sang most of the time and
Chard- the secret killer.. let the photo do the talking. Definitely MAMUGASAY!

And ehem.. your’s truly aside from being the photograpger,

I am also Dora’s back up singer. I only sing the last words in each phrase.:))

And here is our score although were a little pitchy and at times totally out of tune.

But the real reason why we went to a music bar at noon...








Aying was not feeling well and it was so hot outside so we looked for a place to "rest".

Ciao CHIO People!

8 Violent Comments:

Vea said...

Oh! Here! Here! Hahahaha... :D

YULI said...

vea!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha! you're here! :))

Anonymous said...

haha! nice one pax! XD

YULI said...

thanks! who's this?? medj? :)

XtasyM said...

haha... nice karaoke session

YULI said...

^^ we love it! :)

pamela said...

ahaha. ktawa man ko ui..violent reactions..ehehe
naibog ko..lingaw..huhu hay

YULI said...

aw. ready na na. in case na naay pasaway na magpost :) ayaw ibog ui, kay mas naibog ko sa imoha naa na kay udan na book :P

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