Saturday, September 05, 2009

Burst Thy Colors

I used to see only BLACK and WHITE.
then got blinded with the GREAT LIGHT!
COLORS were everywhere.

Story Behind The Story: There are two musical instruments in our house and I can't play both of them *LOSER*. This piano is placed in front of my study desk a.k.a. spatial territory and whenever i get tired of reading (which usually happens), I often use this and create noise instead of music! I really want to play piano. Aren't the girls playing it look pretty? leh. Another frustration. There are a lot of things that i want to do in the future, but in the meantime...back to work. ugh!

7 Violent Comments:

iyouwe said...

luv black and white too!

nang u! hope u will nang me back! nang me!

YULI said...

thanks thanks! sureness i will! :)

Bartybart said...

Yeah... Piano. Gusto ko rin matuto nyan. Yung piano namin sa bahay ay inaalikabok na dahil walang gumagamit. hehehe!

Keyboards lang kaya kong tugtugin.

Nice blog... Galing talaga.

Lawrence said...

miss my old blog layout!

jam said...

Love the black and white of piaono too! Too bad I can't play piano like you too :)

YULI said...

@barty, sabay tayo magenrol. :)

@lawrence. my perception on this layout changed when i saw your customized version. it's prettier when you put personal touch. so i shifted back. and i think im gonna use it for long time :)

@jam. nooo, i can't play paino. let's learn togerther with barty :)

Anonymous said...

cute photo pacs

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