Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flight of Ideas

I heard those kids saying fuck, damn, shit, bitch & everything nice. Made me wonder if they really know its meaning and if they have any idea how powerful those words are to crush the spirit of a man.

By chance, I would use those words to those who are worthy. Yet, the more I try to get even, the more I get defeated. It's like stabbing my back using a knife with my own finger prints on it.

Dear Mikey, how would you feel after reading our love letters? if you haven't heard about it yet, read superbianca's compilation through HERE.
My friend Rico said corruption is normal in our country. Our country has been abnormal even before i was born, I wish it's not as awful as I die.

If you're feeling sad, depress, frustrated, powerless, dishearten, dreadful, under the weather and everything's going not right. Congratulations, you are not alone.

Dear God, I'm having a hard time. I'm not asking why do I have to live with these unpleasant things just please make it better.

5 Violent Comments:

Anonymous said...

super flight of ideas... ahahaha
d 1st statement caught my attention... kids of d new generation were really harsh, but i think were still lucky enough wid d kids here compared in manila...:)

YULI said...

aren't we part of the "new generation"? or aren't we? :D

-ellesig- said...

once i heard street kids cursing at each other while sniffing glue.. its heartbreaking..

well,. hope your rainy days are over!

pam said...

yes, please make it better. haay

bitchvarsity said...

i blame media. :p

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