Friday, September 25, 2009

That kid has an attitude

Kate was craving for ice cream this afternoon so we bought some. Before we could cross the street there was this street kid who asked for my ice cream. As much as I love Ice cream, my tonsils are starting to get crazy maybe because of my consecutive drinking of vanilla and mango shake.
So I gave him my....

To my surprise, he just turned his back and didn't even say thank you. *drop jaw* WOW! that kid has an attitude. I told him, "hey! where's my thank you?"but he never turned back and just continued walking.

Here's what that kid taught me. When you give, never expect them to do good for you in return. When you give, don't mind if you'll be rewarded, just do it for free!

Meanwhile, Nuffnang's Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2009 is up! Nice to know. Jim Paredes is nominated for best celebrity blog. Take note, he is currently the only Filipino in the category.

Jim Paredes. COOL LEH? ^^

Jim Paredes is a Filipino musician, producer, photographer, educator, writer, television personality, educator, workshop facilitator, and activist best known for being one-third of the legendary APO Hiking Society, along with Danny Javier and Boboy Garovillo. You can visit his blog through

To vote for him click the image below. It will redirect you to nuffnang's page.

Make sure you vote correctly. You dont wanna mimic what I've done.

*I'm humiliating myself*
*I'm self-proclaimed dyslexic mind you* :P

I bought a yellow book. I wanna read the whole of it's content before my examination mainly because I used MY OWN MONEY to pay for it.


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curryegg said...

Hello Yuli. Happy to see you in my blog. How are you? Voting for our own favorite blogger must be fun right? ;)

By the way, I just read you profile and found out that you might have alzheimer? I am interested to know because I have a family member which might have this problem too. Would be happy to hear from your experience.


YULI said...

hi curry! good to see you here!

My grandmother has an Alzheimer's disease and since it's genetically we may have it too when we grow old. *i hope not*

-ellesig- said...

a simple thank you shouldnt hurt,. that kid really has an attitude - bad attitude! :)

i voted! i love sir jim!

YULI said...

yeah...a friend of mine said that what would i expect, that kid lives in the street. i once volunteered in a program with street kids but they were very grateful and respectful to us.

pam said...

sige lang bay, the kid's return doesnt diminish the sweetness/goodness of your gesture. ;)

ui regards sa yellow said...

Hi there,TQ 4 coming by. Hmmmm...kid with an attitude eh? Must say there are many more out there. have met quite many. Must be the air we breathe now. Heehehee. All the best

YULI said...

^^ i have my onw na pam, inspired ko sa imo. :)) Good Luck if mabasa lahat!

thank you too bubbles! :)

Teddy said...

Ah, that street kid. He definitely have some attitude there. If I were you I'd grab his arm and give him a good lecture on what proper mannerisms are expected. Afterall, he shouldn't be taking that for granted and preying on people's sympathy on him. That's not the right way. I've seen beggars with way more self respect than him :/

Thanks for the vote! I'll help out with your effort to make Jim Paredes to clinch the title :)

YULI said...

in my opinion, i don't think I'll be proper to do that to him. i don't know either how to treat him properly.

anyway,thanks for helping me out! :)

bitchvarsity said...

lol they don't know what good manners are..they weren't exposed to it :(

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