Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Love Cycle

Mahal ka nya, pero may mahal kang iba
yung mahal mo naman, May mahal ding iba

Story behind the story: I wrote the lines in filipino because it sounds better. ^^ It means Somebody loves you, yet you love somebody else. On the other hand, that somebody loves someone else too. Don't you think most of us often experience this situation?

P.S. I'll be (though currently I am) very busy until the end of this year. gotta work hard. BUT I don't wanna make this blog a zombie, guess I'll just post some photos that I find interesting such as the one above. Uhg! Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget what my friend spidey told me, "With great power comes great responsibility." This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I'm SuperPacu! No! I am not having flight of ideas, or am I? anyway... this superhero is on a mission, up up and away!!!

5 Violent Comments:

Anonymous said...

te yuli nice blog ah wala akong masabi grabe magaling ka talaga pagdating sa ganito..
hehe..nice 0ne..

pinakagwapa na bampira.hahaha said...

hala na erase akong gi type na comment! lagut! anyways, naibog ko sa imong pic master. amf.hehe asa na? naka type C lage mo?hehe dramatista man kaayu ka master uie, gugma2.haha cge na, buy me na!hahaha

YULI said...

haha! naa koy gusto isulti pero dili nakumasulat kay sige lang ko katawa nimo!!! :))

ayan! yayaman ka na!

pam said...

ui amazing jud ang photo!

YULI said...

super thanks to our classmate daryl! :)

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