Sunday, October 25, 2009


I'm quite worried because for almost a week, I haven't study. A week ago, Onkel Edwin died. Emotions are still up high and I opt not to dwell and entertain feelings that can make me sob. As of now, I'm trying to convince my self to stay focus on two things. One, Onkel is happy in Heaven with Papa Lord. Two, I must compensate the "no studying days". Another thing, I'm not comfortable with how I look because of these dark linings under my eyes. Stress Sucks! As part on how I want to improve my self on handling things, I'm trying to live up Ne-Yo's lyrics "I'm too fly to be depressed"

We did not celebrate my birthday last Monday because it is against Filipino Culture when someone in the family passed away. Despite of the family situation, I'm very overwhelmed on the greetings that I received. As I grow older, intangible things make a lot more sense.

My Sincere gratitude!
Chris Te Fabian, Xana Pantal, Adeline Kang, Shem Perez, Elden Joy Cubero, Althea Molina, Angeline Buya, Ray Anthony Mariano, Kailin Gow, Carmi Joy Aldeguer Uy, Roy Robert Abellana, Alcherwin Salazar, Viana Cedro Calaminos, Isaac Quay, Maki Loren, Kyle JAn Desamparado, Ramil Mabz, Camille Dancel, Ailyn Escamis, Eihby Cruize, Rizza Zarsuelo, Lensynch Davide Calo, Kuya Bryan, Ate Joy, Danilo Sy, Mark Reyes, Nhoie Gee, Kathleen Dolores, My Director's Guild Family, Wooi Wei Ken, Elle Alaba, Wilmar Hao, Ate Kyzelle Lopez, Shelly Dimaculangan, Julie Kiing Sing Yong, Karla Limon,
陈国伟 and the Chipmunks, John Groover Sy, Jane Cuarteros, Stephen Hermosa, Aldrinne Leyva, Doctor Marjorie Guillermo, Belmundo Sabiniano, Iana Morastil, Eun Ka Min, Kim Alvarez, Idol Tin Pe Benito, Ramon Mira Postrano, Arvin Andrade, Gantuangco, Chrizyt Raynt, Reeve Chong, Geng Whye, Jeck Sarona, Patricia Jeanne Estrada, Giovanni Tabanao, Gina Zheng Shufang, Janine Cruz Rannah Lu, Kuya Joey Villaluz, Trina Orallo, Roy Felix Abrio, Liza Montenegro, Mhurz Swift, Anamae Tan Diana, Ivy May Alcain, Ralh Lauren Enoch, Maya Aurora Cabatuan, Luke Mathew Reyes, Nicolse Santiago, Alda Cualing, Vitto Hermoso, Daryl Ang, Jan, Raiza Jomowad, Kit Kioy, Dana Poncardas, Huseyin Senturk, Jerica Cudia Cruz, Ilwyn Freires Gascal, Wai keen, Sarah Jayne Caldoza, Marvi Kaye Pacete, Steffany Poh, Erwin Colinares, Melivea Melgazo, Che Espeleta Olaivar, Nika Alon, Kai Manaug, Kim Ledesma, Edda Mari Buenaobra, John Aldrey Wilson, Bath Caday, Crismel Andrew Verano, Angel Go, Lali Fernando Hofilena, Maria Ng, Gisela Mares Madrazo, Matheansa Jessa Hernando, Neil Louie Gomez Dayrit, Akram Borne,陈水槟 Mel Antepuesto, Sheila JOy Betinala, Amicheal Ami Cabanas, Arianne Chan, Kititina, blankemotions, binhladoi, Diane Barnett, Marlou, Jackson Lim, Jonna Elma, Daniel Ocampo, Minds Nest Family, My Family, all who texted and greeted me personally. To onkel Edwin, who taught me love and God for giving Onkel Edwin to Us. Again thank you!

Cry out loud to God. He is close to those who are heartbroken
- a clip from Ambassador Jay-Ar Sta. Ana

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Miss October

I always keep going. I don’t let problems get in my way.

My determination and enthusiasm always find a way to make things work

Everyday, I always try to become that person. Not because that is what people tell me who I am and that I must live with it but because they have seen that in me with greater chance that what they are saying is true. At some point, I would say, fool they are to say that. At this point, I would ponder, fool I am who cannot see that in me.

We may stretch ourselves too thin into who we want to be and who we ought to be. The bottom line is, whatever we do, we do it by choice. Today, I choose to say goodbye from the blogsphere and do good in planet earth. Most of the time, we make sacrifices for something bigger and greater out there. Internet, Volleyball and all comfort zones, I'm saying bye bye to ya'll. This would be just temporary and I would be really happy to see you guys (Hello, anybody there? ) again when I come back.

On October 26, next Monday will be my birthday. I'm wishing for my family's health, the result of my examinations will favor me and Love. Love for family, friends, or a partner maybe. No more anger in my heart, Carrying it is just too heavy.

When I come back, I want to make a difference on my writing style. I am well inspired by chun's blog. Every post he writes simply inspires me to become better. Opps! gotta go. Wake me up when November Ends!

A wise man once said you can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Back!

I'm glad UAAP Basketball is over because it means it's time for good volleyball action! But wait, before you get gaga over UAAP volleyball, lets first enjoy the delightful dish Shakey's has offered. You heard it right! Shakey's Vleague is BACK! Its SVLG Season 6, 2nd Conference!

Here's the List of University Of Santo Tomas' players. Allona Denise Santiago, Katrina Carangan, Roxanne Pimentel, Judy Ann Caballejo, Maika Angela Ortiz, Maruja Banaticla, Aiza Maizo, Jennifer Fortuno, Jessica Curato, Sarah Jane Gonzales, Hannah Mance, Marie Michelle Grace del Rosario, Ma. Angeli Tabaquero and Rhea Katrina Dimaculangan.

As you see, there are a lot rookies as the team compensates for the famous players who already left the team namely, Mary Jean Balse (who was last season's guest player), Bernice Abigail Co and Denise Patricia Tan.

For those who missed the UST and FEU skirmish last October 13, 2009 here's a site
where you can watch.

Court Side Comment:
*Rachele Ann Daquis is still playing for FEU, I thought she already went to Germany.
*My Long wait is over, finally Im gonna watch the legendary Roxanne Pimentel! For almost 3 years being absent playing, she's back! where you can watch.
*Notice when Angeli Tabaquero's name was called during the introduction? wow! A lot of people screamed! The crowed favorite is back!!! Take Note, She's better than before. Cross court, sharp spikes, blocks and pamewang pose!
*No show for Irish Morada, somebody tell me why?
*I like this Maruja girl, making a lot of effort when serving (She JumpServes). She's confident, has a lot of potential, future superstar!
*UST showing that they are the Queens of the NET! Solid Blocks! hanep!
*UST's Floor defense is killing them!
*2nd Set: Dmac's Drop shot was awesome!!!
*Rachel Daquis becoming more intelligent player.
*UST are known for tall players, ang cute ng new libero nila. :P

Game Schedule (Winner of the game are written in RED)
October 11
2 PM - FEU vs UP
4 PM - UST vs Adamson

October 13
2 PM - Adamson vs Lyceum
4 PM - UP vs Ateneo
6 PM -

October 16
2 PM - Adamson vs UP
4 PM - Ateneo vs UST

October 18
2 PM - FEU vs Adamson
4 PM - UST vs UP

October 20
2 PM - Adamson vs Benilde
4 PM - Lyceum vs UST
6 PM - San Sebastian vs UP

October 23
2 PM - FEU vs Ateneo
4 PM - Benilde vs San Sebastian

October 25
4 PM - Lyceum vs Benilde
6 PM - San Sebastian vs FEU

October 27
2 PM - Benilde vs FEU
4 PM - Ateneo vs Lyceum

October 30
2 PM - Benilde vs Ateneo
4 PM - Lyceum vs San Sebastian

November 1
2 PM - UP vs Benilde
4 PM - Ateneo vs San Sebastian

November 3
2 PM - Benilde vs UST
4 PM - FEU vs Lyceum
6 PM - Adamson vs San Sebastian

November 6
2 PM - UP vs Lyceum
4 PM - Ateneo vs Adamson
6 PM - San Sebastian vs UST

For more information, visit shakey's Vleague official site. [click here]

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Secret Love Letters

I used to write poems, eventually I would end up deleting them because i felt its corny. Big regrets, it's always great to look back at the past. Though most of the time, I'm teasing myself how stupid I was before, reading them is a good recapitulation on how I improve on handling things. Though sound unbelievable, I would say that I'm more emotionally mature now. A lot of things can go bad and can make us blue, I am learning to Master my Emotions!

If you'll excuse me, allow me to cam whore even just a little. Just great! I wasn't able to delete it all. Here are some of what I have written.

I know when there's something special and when there's not.

I know he is special but we have no special knot.

We are plain friends, Very good in fact.

I would want to have that status for now and for tomorrow.
I admit, there are times that i get jealous but nothing serious.

I am very happy to see him happy.
Having him as a friend is more than too much.

Now, there's no sense of keeping that secret,
I want to take this out of my chest...

If your still too weak to keep it, then I'm strong enough to tell them the truth.
There's no point of hiding, well it seems like you don't care anymore anyway.
So why bother if I'll tell them our little secret, right?
Well, they are part of the story in the first place.
Don't worry, i won't put dirt in your name, in your sacred name.
Asking why do i have to share it?
People may learn something about our story.
Entertainment or lessons maybe,
About lies, trust and how life can be interestingly played,
just the way you did.

*aka I'm keeping a secret, because you're too weak to keep it. This was written for a friends who sort of deleted me their lives. What hurts was that, when they would express how important you are for them and then suddenly they go offline, idle until now. I have to totally overcome with this, I'm just wishing them happiness wherever in the world they maybe.

Sometimes people do something than does not make sense at all.
Finding peter pan was not just a game.
Just so you know, I succeeded, and I found more that I ought to know.
I can't believe i'm gonna write this.
Finding answers only leads me to find more questions.
Questions that does not really require answers.
and again, IT SUCKS!

*I could vividly remember how pissed I was. Good thing, I'm not having that heavy feeling anymore. Guess if we cant understand how things are, why bother understanding them There's always bigger and greater out there, so live that chaos behind. Smile and Move forward!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tired of Drama

No more Hate. Hate only causes annihilation.
No more Dreads. Dreads only allow me to stay still.
To become optimum henceforth, I shall master my emotions.

About the Photo. Here is a photo of my very good friend Julian Alexander Remo whom I met in Director's Guild. He is such a nice guy. Whenever I see good photos, I always remember the good days I had with my DG family. With them, I learned how to edit and create clips, basic principles of photography and videography and impromptu script writing. More to that, I've learned how to value relationships. I Love DG! :)

Story Behind the Story.
Nothing is going right again, like the way it always does. Study, Health and Relationships. These things are causing me headache! It feels like I'm riding a pendulum, trying to balance in each swing. I'm not sure if I'm already numb and used to dilemma. It's just, I'm so tired of drama. Hereafter, instead of blabing ALAS! it'll be as light as Forest Jump's feather... HAKUNA MATATA!