Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Back!

I'm glad UAAP Basketball is over because it means it's time for good volleyball action! But wait, before you get gaga over UAAP volleyball, lets first enjoy the delightful dish Shakey's has offered. You heard it right! Shakey's Vleague is BACK! Its SVLG Season 6, 2nd Conference!

Here's the List of University Of Santo Tomas' players. Allona Denise Santiago, Katrina Carangan, Roxanne Pimentel, Judy Ann Caballejo, Maika Angela Ortiz, Maruja Banaticla, Aiza Maizo, Jennifer Fortuno, Jessica Curato, Sarah Jane Gonzales, Hannah Mance, Marie Michelle Grace del Rosario, Ma. Angeli Tabaquero and Rhea Katrina Dimaculangan.

As you see, there are a lot rookies as the team compensates for the famous players who already left the team namely, Mary Jean Balse (who was last season's guest player), Bernice Abigail Co and Denise Patricia Tan.

For those who missed the UST and FEU skirmish last October 13, 2009 here's a site
where you can watch.

Court Side Comment:
*Rachele Ann Daquis is still playing for FEU, I thought she already went to Germany.
*My Long wait is over, finally Im gonna watch the legendary Roxanne Pimentel! For almost 3 years being absent playing, she's back! where you can watch.
*Notice when Angeli Tabaquero's name was called during the introduction? wow! A lot of people screamed! The crowed favorite is back!!! Take Note, She's better than before. Cross court, sharp spikes, blocks and pamewang pose!
*No show for Irish Morada, somebody tell me why?
*I like this Maruja girl, making a lot of effort when serving (She JumpServes). She's confident, has a lot of potential, future superstar!
*UST showing that they are the Queens of the NET! Solid Blocks! hanep!
*UST's Floor defense is killing them!
*2nd Set: Dmac's Drop shot was awesome!!!
*Rachel Daquis becoming more intelligent player.
*UST are known for tall players, ang cute ng new libero nila. :P

Game Schedule (Winner of the game are written in RED)
October 11
2 PM - FEU vs UP
4 PM - UST vs Adamson

October 13
2 PM - Adamson vs Lyceum
4 PM - UP vs Ateneo
6 PM -

October 16
2 PM - Adamson vs UP
4 PM - Ateneo vs UST

October 18
2 PM - FEU vs Adamson
4 PM - UST vs UP

October 20
2 PM - Adamson vs Benilde
4 PM - Lyceum vs UST
6 PM - San Sebastian vs UP

October 23
2 PM - FEU vs Ateneo
4 PM - Benilde vs San Sebastian

October 25
4 PM - Lyceum vs Benilde
6 PM - San Sebastian vs FEU

October 27
2 PM - Benilde vs FEU
4 PM - Ateneo vs Lyceum

October 30
2 PM - Benilde vs Ateneo
4 PM - Lyceum vs San Sebastian

November 1
2 PM - UP vs Benilde
4 PM - Ateneo vs San Sebastian

November 3
2 PM - Benilde vs UST
4 PM - FEU vs Lyceum
6 PM - Adamson vs San Sebastian

November 6
2 PM - UP vs Lyceum
4 PM - Ateneo vs Adamson
6 PM - San Sebastian vs UST

For more information, visit shakey's Vleague official site. [click here]

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ngano man sa traffic feed, ang mugawas kay tga-koronadal, south cotabato daw ko. na tga-dabaw mn ko.. toinx

YULI said...

haha. click the "option" at the lower part of the traffic feed, then adjust your location :)

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