Saturday, October 17, 2009

Miss October

I always keep going. I don’t let problems get in my way.

My determination and enthusiasm always find a way to make things work

Everyday, I always try to become that person. Not because that is what people tell me who I am and that I must live with it but because they have seen that in me with greater chance that what they are saying is true. At some point, I would say, fool they are to say that. At this point, I would ponder, fool I am who cannot see that in me.

We may stretch ourselves too thin into who we want to be and who we ought to be. The bottom line is, whatever we do, we do it by choice. Today, I choose to say goodbye from the blogsphere and do good in planet earth. Most of the time, we make sacrifices for something bigger and greater out there. Internet, Volleyball and all comfort zones, I'm saying bye bye to ya'll. This would be just temporary and I would be really happy to see you guys (Hello, anybody there? ) again when I come back.

On October 26, next Monday will be my birthday. I'm wishing for my family's health, the result of my examinations will favor me and Love. Love for family, friends, or a partner maybe. No more anger in my heart, Carrying it is just too heavy.

When I come back, I want to make a difference on my writing style. I am well inspired by chun's blog. Every post he writes simply inspires me to become better. Opps! gotta go. Wake me up when November Ends!

A wise man once said you can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.

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dada said...

Hello Miss Yuli. :)
remember me? ;DD

Wow, magkalapit pala tayo ng birthday!
October 24 ako. :)
So advanced Happy Birthday to us! :]
i hope, matupad yung wishes mo.

dada ♥

-ellesig- said...

happy birthday yuli!

enjoy your vacation! happier posts when you get back..? :)

jonna elma said...

im touched by your blog..
its all about must choose between 2 things..its either you find it helpful or just regret in the end...
just remember...all sacrifices has its meaning in out lives..

my sincere condolences to you and your family
hope you can surpass this event in your life..
and advance happy birhtday to you..
see ya this saturday..

its jonna by the way..hope you wont forget

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