Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Secret Love Letters

I used to write poems, eventually I would end up deleting them because i felt its corny. Big regrets, it's always great to look back at the past. Though most of the time, I'm teasing myself how stupid I was before, reading them is a good recapitulation on how I improve on handling things. Though sound unbelievable, I would say that I'm more emotionally mature now. A lot of things can go bad and can make us blue, I am learning to Master my Emotions!

If you'll excuse me, allow me to cam whore even just a little. Just great! I wasn't able to delete it all. Here are some of what I have written.

I know when there's something special and when there's not.

I know he is special but we have no special knot.

We are plain friends, Very good in fact.

I would want to have that status for now and for tomorrow.
I admit, there are times that i get jealous but nothing serious.

I am very happy to see him happy.
Having him as a friend is more than too much.

Now, there's no sense of keeping that secret,
I want to take this out of my chest...

If your still too weak to keep it, then I'm strong enough to tell them the truth.
There's no point of hiding, well it seems like you don't care anymore anyway.
So why bother if I'll tell them our little secret, right?
Well, they are part of the story in the first place.
Don't worry, i won't put dirt in your name, in your sacred name.
Asking why do i have to share it?
People may learn something about our story.
Entertainment or lessons maybe,
About lies, trust and how life can be interestingly played,
just the way you did.

*aka I'm keeping a secret, because you're too weak to keep it. This was written for a friends who sort of deleted me their lives. What hurts was that, when they would express how important you are for them and then suddenly they go offline, idle until now. I have to totally overcome with this, I'm just wishing them happiness wherever in the world they maybe.

Sometimes people do something than does not make sense at all.
Finding peter pan was not just a game.
Just so you know, I succeeded, and I found more that I ought to know.
I can't believe i'm gonna write this.
Finding answers only leads me to find more questions.
Questions that does not really require answers.
and again, IT SUCKS!

*I could vividly remember how pissed I was. Good thing, I'm not having that heavy feeling anymore. Guess if we cant understand how things are, why bother understanding them There's always bigger and greater out there, so live that chaos behind. Smile and Move forward!

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beipam said...


you remind me of an old friend who writes poems way back in High School. How d'you guys do that??

Wow, I'm so not into the literary works except that I like reading them ^-^

keep writing!

pam said...

hows the friends who went idle? theyre lucky to have you. you still care. how i wish they too will care. :) i guess i too share a little secret. haay

YULI said...

i dont know pam, mabuti pa ang multo nagpaparamdam. Onga naman pala, hindi naman pala sila nagpaalam, baka nasa tabi tabi lang.

hi beipam! i exactly dont know, :) i believe anyone can be a good writer, (im not saying im good ah, ^^) If they'll be honest enough with their words. thank you. I will continue, i will! :)

Anonymous said...

True goodbyes are the ones never said or explained

kenwooi said...

yes.. move forward! =D

Anonymous said...

It seems these poems are mine...
great job, well done you !
I like to read.....don't write poems, but of course, secret love letters! Thanks for your sharing, good inspiration from you to send it on the universe....someone could be inspired like me.Thank you, keep it going.

YULI said...

"It seems these poems are mine..." i'm a little confuse of what you are trying to say.."I like to read.....don't write poems" i believe your saying that you somehow can relate? :)

thanks for the kind words! :) said...

Visiting. Nice pic.

YULI said...

thank you

elledee said...

Love letters!!! Here's one of mine:

It may include some bribing...

Ruby said...

mind if i comment...even if it's late?...hehe...i do write poems way back in hi skul and hehe..they're kind of funny when you get to read them shows how you have grown and mature (char!) as a buti pa u you are mastering your emotions...sometimes i get crippled by these 'emotions'..hehe...nice love poems! very insightful and full of 'emotions'...hehe... =3

YULI said...

better late than never =) thank you ruby, i enjoyed reading your opinion. God bless :)

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