Saturday, December 12, 2009

ahhh yeah!

I'm so Addicted to you!

I was actually looking for Jabbawockeez Videos because I heard they are Filipinos but eventually hooked to their rival Quest Crew. I was denying at first, convincing my self that there’s no other crew better than Jabbawockeez but holler I can’t help but appreciate the Quest!

Take a look on how they groove.
(A friendly reminder: please don’t forget to breath)

As thrilled by the tunes of their moves and really getting bored with the songs stored in my phone, I decided to search for the song titles that they used. Instead, the search gave me great surprise. Some hip peeps are Pinoy! Whohoooo!
  • Daniel Ryan “Ryanimay” Conferido is a Filipino Descent
  • Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval is a Filipino, Chinese, Indonesian, German, Irish, Spanish, Native American, and Portuguesse descent.
  • Hokuto (Hok) Konishi is of Japanese descent (Raised in the United Kingdom).
  • Brian Hirano is of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, and Filipino descent
  • Ryan Feng is of Han Chinese descent (originally from Taiwan).
  • Lydia (Lyddz) Paek is of Korean descent.
  • Aris (Sfffeee) Paracuelles is of Filipino descent.
  • Andy (Rocket Man) Luo is of Chinese descent.
  • Victor Kim is of Korean descent.
  • Steve Terada is of Japanese descent.