Wednesday, December 09, 2009

ilabas ang TB

ilabas ang TB a.k.a. Bring out the television kasama ng ilabas ang ebidensya ba, ang ebidensya. -Ma'am Trina Tan

Synopsis. Hannah Montana: The Movie opens with Hannah's ($Miley Cyrus) hectic lifestyle wrecking the important relationships in her life. Because she gets into a catfight over shoes with Tyra Banks, she forgets to say goodbye when her brother leaves for college, and she's late for her best friend's sweet sixteen because she's being chased by the paparazzi. Anxious to get Miley back to her roots, her manager/father (Billy Ray Cyrus), whisks her away to their hometown in Tennessee, where he hopes grandma and the locals will help the selfish star reconnect to some simple family values. Since Miley wants to be Hannah most of the time, she hates being stuck in the backwoods town, but a cute young ranch hand -- and her grandmother's love -- eventually melts her heart. And, when the town needs to raise cash to stop a developer from soiling their perfect little community with a big, evil mall, what celebrity performer do you think might just show up to save the day? ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide

The Verdict

I tried to be as objective as possible but while watching this movie, I kept on saying to my self when will this movie be over so I can go to sleep. Sure it's nice to see the whole crew acting in a much bigger setting and enjoyed watching our lead star singing and dancing. The thing is, there's no excitement. She changes her clothes to fit the role as Hannah and Miley, same concept used on the tv show. Boring. Sorry Cyrus fans, I feel like I'm having anhedonia (did I use the word correctly?)

A Sigmund Freud wannabe, here's my Growth and Development theory:
*Kids who allow you to call them baby (age 6 and below) prefer to watch Dora the explorer for western like Americans and Manga series for Asians.
*Kids who would get mad when you call them baby and would prefer 'young lady' love to watch Hannah Montana.
*Type of television shows would reflect children's behaviors respectively.


Firstly, the photo has nothing to do with sensuality. While looking for photos of Miley, I saw this in a gallery page of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate Cathy Remperas. *scratching my head*. isn't that Miley Cyrus? If i remember it correctly, she posted that photo on her twitter page. Anyway, Cathy is papa's bet because she's from the beautiful island of Bohol, papa's hometown. I'm still confuse who's johan and paul jake. Don't they look alike? It's only recent that I discovered Ricca's sexuality. *I'm very outdated, boooo!*So that's why he has this masculine look. Anyway, I like her personality!
New season for UAAP this week. Last day was a skirmish between DLSU and UST. 11-15, 5 sets, La salle. Don't be sad tigress fans, sure our fave spikers did a great job. It was one of the most thrilling game i've ever seen. What a great way to open the season! Feels like it was the championship game. Credit goes to the UST's 16 year old rookie with height of 6'1 Santiago. You're awesome!