Friday, December 25, 2009

Misa del Gallo

I went to bed at 3:20am today, the time I usually wake up for the past 9 days. Traditionally, Christmas season is celebrated in Philippines by 9-day dawn masses (4:30am by experience) that start on the 16th of December.

Going to Mass for nine consecutive days is meant to show the churchgoer's devotion and faith to God as well as to heighten anticipation for the Nativity of Jesus. Popular belief, however, is that the completion of the novena will merit a boon or that a special wish made by the devotee will be granted by God. /wikipedia/

To be honest, one of the reasons why I went to mass is that I want to experience a respite and end this year “right” despite from all the negative things that had happened to our family this 2009, very emotionally exhausting. The major change that happened was my onkel’s death. I spent the first day of this year in the hospital with him in the ICU. He was hospitalized again few days after summer. His heart valve was shrinking making his immune system incapable to protect him. A simple runny nose was a major problem on his case. On October few days before my birthday, he passed away. He’s happy somewhere, I know. =)

I am very happy to share to you that I completed the 9 mornings. I haven’t tried going to dawn mass before. Here are some photos and its short stories:

The mass starts at 4:30am but even if you arrive 30 minutes before the time, it does not guarantee

you that you can sit inside the church. For 8 consecutive mornings we sat outside, there were even

times when we have to stand. So many people lah! On the 9th day, at last we managed to sit

inside. I don't have a photo on how the altar looked, I am never comfortable

taking photos inside the church. Maulaw ko.

Still Dark! Old friends + New friends = :D That's me wearing white! At the left most wearing yellow
shirt is kuya Klint, a seminarian (who is currently sick that's why he's not wearing the
"white Harry Potter cloak", coined by Kuya RJ).
Lourie, Roger, Dexter, Rachel
and Wada, thank you sa pagsundo every morning. Salamat sa pagkuha
og picture Karl. Lily, Shanell and Rhen,
salamat sa maayong pagtagad. =)

Kakanin kayo jan! Vendors selling our so-called Hot Coke Float. After mass, what else to do?
Pig Out!

A photo with Fr. Amado Picardal, the priest who presided today's event.
To my surprise, He's a blogger! At the right most,
wearing white cloak is a seminarian/blogger,
Kuya RJ. Cool! (check out my blog list)

Happy Birthday Lord!