Monday, December 14, 2009

Poser Face

This idea of posting this entry came to me way back in college when my friend sarah gave me a friendster profile link. To my surprise, the user's photo looked very familiar, the blue jacket, the lips…hmm… suspicion was on air. “Hey wait, that’s my photo! It wasn’t a biggie anyway since my face was cropped. lol

Few weeks ago, I was amused by this poem created by my friend. Thanks for the Tag! This piece is really interesting dids! Web Master’s WARNING: Ito ay may halong kapilyohan kaya wag kanamang magalit kaibigan

by Dids Buñales Bello

POSERS are everywhere,
So friends, BEWARE!
They seem to be REAL,
But it is SURREAL.

They can be your FRIENDS,
So take good CARE.
Maybe it's time to INVESTIGATE
To know who's the real SYNDICATE.

I made this poem to WARN you all,
That POSERS have faces harder than the wall.

Out of my curiosity on the topic, I sent some random personal messages to some of my contacts on facebook for their opinions. I understand this is quite morbid and I’m sincerely thankful for your responses!

“Imitation is the sincerest for of flattery” - Charles Caleb Colton
“…Ergo, thank you” added by Miss Shelly Dimaculangan.

(Making it clear, this post has nothing to do with the forum conflict).

As for the initial impression of having a poser, sure that compliment gives you a great feeling. “Yes, it would be flattering because usually posers denotes admiration and I appreciate that” asserted by one of UP’s most well known volleyball varsity player today, Miss Rebbeca Gail “Jed” Montero. “Given the fact that you have a poser will obviously make you feel flattered”, she added.

The main subject of concern in this issue is the invasion of privacy. Mitchy Sun, a junior from SPC confessed that there comes a point that she got vexed when people would use her photo without her permission and even pretending to be her. Ditto, Deniece Tan’s concern (not the UST setter turned court side reporter Denise Tan) another student from the said school, aside from photo grabbing she worries that people would make up some stories about her.

Things could really turn upside down when a tribute would go to an undesirable extent like what Miss Celine Ann Hernandez, a lady spiker from De la Salle University had experienced. “I had one poser dating someone online, and of course, I had no idea what the guy was talking about when he came across my own real facebook account. Really, posing as someone can mean great danger to the real person”.

My question is, why would people want to pretend to be someone else? Could be his life that he’s living is not bearable enough? Sure that there are times that we want to be someone else like for me, I want to be the daughter of Bill Gates.
But things are just different when you are already causing hassle to other people.

As a conclusion, here’s a note from Miss Celine: “Honestly speaking, it's very bothering. Why would you want to be someone else when you have your own identity to share and cherish? God made us all in His likeness, but that doesn't mean we have to put ourselves in other people's shoes and real life situations. It saddens me that people have the time to pretend to be someone else when they could have spent their time showing what God blessed them with” . Need less to say more, just touché!

Dear posers, please be careful not to ruin a life. Thank you!