Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shake your Bom Bom PUTO BUMBONG

I thought it is called Puto bong bong! *embarrassed* At least now I know. =) Aside from my first time of attending Misa del gallo, here is my another first time... to eat this very famous filipino food that is pale pinkish-purple colored glutenous rice covered in butter. I brought this kakanin from church and ask my father how am I suppose to eat it since I found it tasteless at first. He grumply replied, "just eat it!" It was just later that afternoon when I discovered that it should be sprinkled with coconut and the downside, my father already ate my bombom! :(

Puto Bumbong seemed to be synonymous with simbang gabi but its origin is not known but evidently dates back to the early Spanish era. It was believed to have been brought over from Mexico by Legazpi and Urdaneta. Some trace it to the pastoral times when fishermen kept vigil and then proceeded to church at dawn to hear Mass. After the dawn Mass, they would relieve their hunger and weariness with puto bumbong and salabat (ginger tea). Others attribute it to the harvest season when farmers would attend Mass and offer their thanksgiving for abundant grain. /

TRIVIA "Puto" means steamed glutinous rice, and "bumbong" means bamboo cannon.

If you are looking for its recipe, click here.

Stay tuned for more Philippine native delicacies