Sunday, December 27, 2009

you've been farM too kind

Hi! short for Hello!

Farmville indeed has a great extent of charm to lure down people to use this application. And a vulnerable weakling on PC games like me can't help but get hooked.

2009 is ending and my new year resolution would be: avoid computer games that cause addiction and become more prolific. But you don't really believe me don't you?
Nobody can really live up with his new year's resolution for the whole year down.

Anyway, after about 2 weeks of playing Farmville I've come to reach my goal: buy a house! Also, I want to grab this opportunity to thank my farmville neighbors and friends who were very generous on sending gifts!
On Christmas eve, I was able to open more than a hundred! Daghang Salamat! That's thanks a lot!

Before I say bye bye to Farmville craze, let me share to you some cheats although I wasn't able to use them (Honest! Promise!).

Ever wonder How to Create Gold Eggs. Visit the link provided (click here).
If you want to go to the next level instantly, just visit the steps provided by visiting this link (click here). Now, you don't have to work hard to reach level 19 just to make the cottage available on the market.
Here is a program that allow automatic harvest, soil preparation and seeding but the best part is that you can exchange coins for experience. This program has a lot more to offer, discover it by yourself by visiting the link (click here).
Among the cheats, this one is my favorite. Why? Because the author is a Filipino. The instruction is written on Tagalog. Astig ng Pinoy! This is for those users who need money.

"Eto para sa mga nangangailangan ng pera
1.atleast 2pcs. red barn para 12/12 ung space.
2.punuuin niyo ngaun ung red barn ng kahit anung item mas maganda buildings para pag sell
mas mahal. niyo red barn then choose 'Look inside'
4.then punta kau 2ndpage ng redbarn(storage)
5.piliin niyo ung item na gusto niyong ibenta dapat sa babang hilera ng 2nd page ng
6. click sell(pindutin niyo sell kung gano niyo gusto karaming pindutin wag na wag niyo muna
pindutin ung accept just click lng ng click sa sell.
7. then pag nag sawa na kayo kaka click sa sell. pindutin niyo ngaun ung accept tuloy tuloy
hanggang matapos, u can see ur money umaandar ng tuloy tuloy.
mas maganda kung log cabin or villa ang sell niyo. 20m ang pera ko ngaun, decorate nlng ako
ginagawa ko. hahahahaha
ngaun ko lng po ito na discover, hahaha"

I don't' personally know Filipino who discovered this but if you want a video instruction and English version you can visit the link provided (click here).

If you find happiness through cheats, go ahead! There's no Cyber Santa, so it's okay not to be nice. But if you find the thrill by plowing, planting and harvesting... click, click, click everyday, you know what to do.

Just a suggestion:
Don't worry about the destination, just enjoy the journey.