Wednesday, January 14, 2009


by yuli flestado

For the Nth time, I give birth to a blog. I’ve been around the cyberworld for quite sometime now, looking for a dominion to vent or just to chill. The first time I saw an page, I knew that I finally found it. The template, the color and the control to costumize are near to perfection, just the way I want it to be. But then again after posting few entries I decided to move out due to technical difficulties. Back then, I really don’t want to have a blogspot account by the reason of it’s like everyone has it. Contrary, I’m residing here. Yeah, I take back my words. I should stick with my domain. I Must! I got tried packing my cyber things and start another cyberscratch. I want it here, I’m building it here!

So why do I blog?

Writing is a journey where one can learn new things and meet new people. Hmm… Maybe i’ll meet my self along the way.
Let my foot step forward!