Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stop text flooding, I’m DROWNING!

Do you know that Philippines is the texting capital of the world? This photo can testify. Yeah! That’s my poor handy trying to handle the 76 messages I received since this afternoon.

There are times that I like to receive messages from my friends, hearing updates with their lives would be really great but there are also times that I get tired of reading same messages passed by tons of people.

Guess a lot of people are exploiting the unlimited text service nowadays. HAHA

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Opa's Homecoming

Inspired by patty's blog. This entry is a mini photo documentation.

After 10 years! at last he's back! Though my opa is a natural playboy, i love this old man. this guy loves debate, now i know to why my father loves to argue even in small things. I will surely miss my chika chikas with him every morning while reading newspaper for the lotto result.

parang gusto kong magyabang. ehem! may lolo din ako no?! kahit na wala pa akong ka muwang muwang noong huli kaming nagkita ang mahalaga ay umuwi na sya dito sa davao para bisitahin kami! ^___^

Trishia meeting her friendster. They bond immediately after I introduced her to Yuri (in blue shirt).

DROOOLING for these desserts! the first photo is aunt's post grad gift while the latter is our gift for mum's birthday (yummy caramel!). The third one is one of the best mango floats in the whole wide world!!!

Nature adventure! Trishia was so happy to visit the park. Though it rained a bit, it didn't stop us to have some fun. (In this photo: My aunt, mum and trishia).

Trishia, like my father super loooooooves ice cream! she's so kulet! :D

My mum in the cemetery. We visited my onkel Dodex who died less that a month after i was born. We went to shrine right after to hear the mass. (^^)

Then we went to onkel Calex's house for a short visit. Though we're living in the same city, it's been a long time since i last saw them. Trishia (yes, that 5 year old kid cousin of mine) took this shot. Sorry it's blurry, she insisted.

We hit the beach, sun and sand! My cousin and aunt walking along the shore.

My sister in a kayak desperately learning to balance.

Today, they left to manila and i'm back with my busy life. ENJOY SUMMER! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009


i just wanna feature the woman who inspires me to blog and to follow my personal legend.

Julia Campbell was a Peace Corps volunteer assigned in Philippines who died exactly two years ago. What I like about her blog is that she's very honest in writing especially about "filipino time". A honest writer is a good writer.

A lot of people say that her life was wasted because of how she died but for me it's not that bad. Through her death more fiipinos are aware that there are people who wholeheartedly help our holistically poor country. I was so moved when she wrote her frustration on helping some filipinos to move forward though they want to be left behind.

I know she wanted to do more with her life but I believe she’s well satisfied where she is now.

Click the image to read her blog

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why I don’t go to church

When I was a kid, my family would always go to church together every Sunday. After hearing the mass, we dine in to satisfy grumpy stomachs. Talked and laughed, such a happy family!

That was years ago, time has brought a lot of changes in our lives.

Today, my mother works as one of the respected staff in her office. My sister is a staff nurse in one of the tertiary hospitals in the city. I am a fresh graduate from a prestigious school while my father stays at home taking care of my sick oma and onkel.

Don’t doubt it, I am grateful for the blessing my family and I receive. At least we can still eat together (though at times we can’t) in the kitchen. At least we can still afford to bond while using magic sing. At least we don’t stay at the hospital like what we’ve experienced last holiday supposedly lull. We are still a happy family anyway.

But whenever I go to church, I just can’t fight away the feeling of envy to see families who can afford to go out and pray together.

It is one of my dreams that is so hard to come true.

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

a bitter sweet goodbye

I Know this is a late post but hey! never late than never! :D

kinda culture shock, met people from different places and schools Man! so glad I'm enrolled in San Pedro College. Top nursing school in Davao City and Top 6 in the whole Philippines. Say, I'm in the right place. say it! say it! say it! :)

Our course, Bachelor of Science in Nursing major in Physical Education. Kahit dance quiz lang, we rent costumes pa! of course we have to do it secretly kasi makakatanggap kami award galing kay SIr. so shhhh! We super love PE, we had a lot of dancers in our class.

So sad na shapol (shuffle) and we had to say bye bye to some. It's hard to accept. We even attempt to submit a letter to coordinator's office to keep our class in tact. yeah, our reasons written was not that reasonable. As taught, change is the only permanent thing in the world, ergo...

I had a little difficulty on accepting people going out and coming in, but the bottom line is hello P peeps, 2L na tayo! :)

Honestly, this was the most difficult, depressing and frustrating year for me. When I had my first hospital exposure, I was like, "what the heck am i doing here?". There were times that i go home teary eyed, praying to end the suffering. Worse, my grades went bad. Dean Lister no more. I dont want you to think that i'm making excuses but uhg! my joie de vivre was no where to be found. I complain never give up. :)

I joined some school organizations like Visual Arts though the only talent i have is eating. Whoala... I won the first basura queen or something like that contest. it's a prestigious pageant, mind you. ^^

Also, I joined NSRC (still now i can't memorize it's motto, peace!) Went to Marilog District for the first time to plant tress. I met Joann, Mark, Kathy, and KC narin. :P

Karate is not new to our family yet i feel so lampa kaya i tried joining martial arts club. My first sparing mate? the team captain and she (yes, she's a she!) kicked my soul away from my body. @_@

I love nursing, uhmm... I kinda love nursing. Exposed to different fields of nursing, that's why. DR and OR rotations, super nice. (lalo na kapag OR senior staff ang Clinical Instructor, super bait kasi and they have the control of the setting). Basta, na feel ko na ang "to serve humanity" :)

Your animation

It's over before you know it. Seminar stress! Thesis, superrr maka badtrip! imagine, NAKA HARD BOUND NA, GIBALIK PA JUD SA AMO KAY MALI DAW ANG FORMAT!!! okay, chill pill. bwahahaha! The perception of lactating mothers on the effects of horse radish in Lactation at Baranggay 23-C Boulevard, Davao City, youre done! :) inaway ko pa si aying boi dahil dito, ^^ so sorry again boy.

I joined NSRC's fun run with a friend. You're asking about our rank? well, His at second place while I'm first, from the bottom list. seriously! we were late! okay, ako lang pala. ^^ Actually we were there to document but since we're so on to run, we ran. hey, we're registered runners, so it's legal :)

My beloved Director's Guild Family. I'll miss the tawagan, "kuya" and"ate".it's really amazing to find people with same interest. I felt so belong and well loved. I love you guys

April 2, 2009. such a beautiful night. Ask sarah and nikki why. :)

Here's a poem written by yuli. (yuli who? ^^ ) and big help from Raul Castillo, my friendly friend straight from Chile :)

Por Que

En este viaje, como eres dulce
Pero aquí estamos en el anuncio de cruzar la línea
En mayo, el camino que elijas
Llegarás a donde quieras ir

Recordar el pasado,
No puedo ayudarte, a correr y reir
Nuestro viaje hacia la madurez
Requiere un montón de inmadurez

Llora si no puedes volver
Pero mi amigo, nunca llores por dolor
Deja que las lágrimas sean una dichosa gota
Piensa lo bendecidos que estamos de tenernos tú y yo

No creo que te pierda amigo en nuestro día de graduación
Nunca te vayas, aquí en mi corazón siempre permaneceras

Gracias por las veces que hemos tenido,
Gracias por el amor,
Gracias mi querido amigo

Note: The original titlle of the poem is Entoces, pro que voy a llorar. It's too long to remember so I changed it. What does it say? go figure. joke! ^^ The original title means "so, why would i cry" in english. It tells about the journey that i had with friends and reaching to the road where we have to say good bye, wishing that they'll go to the place that they want to go, thankig them for the wonderful experience.

My fave lines: "...Reminisce the past, I can’t help but to burst out and laugh. Our trek towards maturity, requires a lot of immaturity...Cry if you can’t hold back but my friend, never weep for grief. Let those tears drop blissfully, think how blessed we are to have you and me.... Never think that you’ll loose friend on our graduation day. You’ll never go away, here in my heart you’ll always stay..."