Friday, May 29, 2009

If you think my summer is too boring

If you think my summer is too boring… think again!

This is the most prolific I’ve ever had (so far). I was blessed to join the group that offers free mass circumcisions with in and away from our city. The best part of this experience is that I was trained how to circumcise by one of fave clinic instructors in our school. Thanks a lot Doctor Ony (maybe he is reading my blog, la!)

As far as I know, circumcision is done for hygienic purpose and part of Philippine culture. Im not sure with the other asian countries. I’m too sloth to conduct a research and too coy to ask people. Isn’t it weird to ask, hey, uso ba tui sa inyo?/ are boys get circumcised in your place? (say what???)

Here is a photo taken by my friend otep. Man, this kid really looks scared. To handle them is really a big challenge. There are times that I wanna spank them because of the noise like pigs that they make. Don’t worry, I did not hurt anybody… oh well, technically I did because I cut their skins.

Here are the instruments that we use. OBSERVE STERILE TECHNIQUE PLEASE. This is supposedly candid! (candid tilet! haha! why are you smiling at the camera? )My first operation was such a funny experience. Man! I had partial seizure, and my hands are having tremors and no matter what I do I can’t help them stop the shaking. (booooo!)

And here is the photo of my finale adventure. This picture was taken away from our dear city. My mum was very shocked when I told her that I’m going to Pantukan, Compostella Valley. She taught I was kidding. Surprise! Surprise!

Another great thing that this experience has brought is that I’ve meet new friends and bond with good old friends. Happy to bond again with my ever sexy namie, sarah, otep, roy, ed, maia and litet! (hey, I’m giving shoutout, am i? )

The down side. I don’t have a photo of me operating a kid. Yay! Boooo! There were like 150+ kids who want to get circumcise. 0.o We we’re so busy then to take photos.

Inline with this, guys and gals! I want you to meet Tinkerbell, my god daughter. (Tintoy is a local street name for penis, pretty gross to be named from this body part. la?) Isn’t she adorable? She looked so lethargic when we bought her but when we tried to let her invade the grass, she was replenished and hopped all over the place! I haven’t seen her for a while, I’m sure her mummy is taking well care of her.

Click here for the blog post of don chen about our dear baby (the daddy who wants to eat tinky, mean! haha!)

If you were able to read my other posts, I wrote about volleyball, movies, politics, photography. Pretty schizophrenic la? I’m enjoying using la as an expression nowadays “la” :D. uhgg… there are so many things that I want to do, but gotta have a stand on my decision into what I should be. What you want to be is not exactly what you should be. Darn! I’m just a simple 19 year old who lives in this complicated world and things are getting more and more complicated as I grow up. @_@

Start of the review lessons will be on june... ergo, my life will be boring.. ciao!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ishytography 101

I don’t go to a formal photography class and only attended around 3 not-so-formal photography seminars. When I was in high school I started taking photos but I could not practice that much because I was using an old school camera. Developing was darn so expensive! In college I was able to buy my own digital camera. It’s one my most important possessions, proud to say I bought it straight from my pocket. The fact that bringing DG cam is inconvenient, I bought a camera phone with a good photo quality and ehem.. yes again, proud to say (though my parents aren’t) I used my own money. So whenever there’s a good subject, I just increase the picture size and give a little touch through photoshop.

If you’re quite oriented to the golden rules of photography, let me introduce to you my own golden rule which is to “break the rule”. Here’s a photo I took during a cheer dance competition in our school. So I believe my photo perfectly falls down to my own golden rule. Breaking the rules is not always that bad, it’s not that I’m defending my photo :P. I just love how clearly my subject appeared although he was in motion while taking the photo. I like the blur affect of his dark background too. The color combination was just right. Black and orange. Hmm.. looks familiar? Whooohh?!? My template has orange-black combination, what a coincident! Another thing I love with this photo is the flaming effect of the flag my subject is carrying. If you can’t see that flaming effect I’m talking about. Err.. Can you just pretend you can see it? nyaha!

Here’s another photo I took. The captured confetti really looked cool.

This one is a photo with the cheerleader and a very supportive faculty member. See that big smile and hands holding? Ohh the bliss!

So maybe you’re calling me moron by praising my own photos. Haha! People from these photos were from blazing phoenix team who championed the event while I’m from nursing republic, the team who grabbed the second place. It could be I’m bitter that we lost (I really believe our team’s stunts were the best), so telling my readers how I’m happy to capture these moments is my lame attempt of compensation. Whew! That event was around a year ago. Oh well. I guess I’m just so darn bored and burned out. (I'm writing at the hospital)

It takes 999 shots to have that 1 perfect photo. In short, click lang ng click hanggang makachamba! You’re a genius barty!

pahabol na photos :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Time Voter

One of my major goals this summer is to volunteer in a medical mission. I am blessed to be part of a medical program. Little did I know it was sponsored by a government official. Just want to share some things that actually happened:

1. The government official gave us (the volunteers) some shirts with his name written on it. I gave it to my opa since its so big for my size and I don’t want to wear it, people may think that I support Mr. E***., the government official. Duh! my opa won’t even accept it! He said he is not a supporter. I told him he can wear it when he is inside his house so no one will see or can use it as a rug. It looks like one anyway.

2. I was quite confused if I was in a meeting de avance since there are a lot of names and photos of this E*** government official all over the venue. Haven’t I mention, people were shouting, E***! E***! E***!

3. Are you mad I’m calling this dear politician Mr. E***? His name is written in every box and set of medicines dispensed. The medicines that I my self dispensed! Chill down guys, to inform the poor clients that Mr. E*** is the great sponsor was not part of my health teachings.

4. We were quite strict on giving the medicines, one of the concerns was people might self medicate and have some health problems latter on. We don’t give more on what were written in their Rx. But guess what people! Numbers of boxes were given to the reporters and cameramen. I must admit we also took some, but it’s not illegal. Ayt! Tsk Those were generic medicines and my mum don’t want to use it. So I end up distributing those meds to other people

5. When I went home, I told my pop about my experience and I said that in fairness to the government official, at least he did something good for the less fortunate. He asked me back if how sure am I that the money used for that medical mission were not from the own wallets of tax payers. Actually, I’m not sure.

Here is a photo I took when we had a feeding mission in one poor areas in our city. I understand that it’s better to teach men how to fish than give them fish but that was the least we can do to our brethren.

I am now officially a registered voter today. So I guess I have to vote for the lesser evil. If you don’t have any plan to register, shame on you! WALA KANG KARAPATANG MAGREKLAMO SA KUNG ANO MAN ANG NANGYAYARI SA LIPUNAN!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Sunday, May 10,2009 (Late post, I Know! :D )

I bought some flowers from old vendors today. Although the flowers they sell were not that in good quality, I’m thinking that it wouldn’t matter anyway. Once you cut flowers from its stem, its color would fade and die eventually. At least these flowers would die in good purpose, to help the old vendors in their living and to make my mum smile for this day.

To the superwoman who brought me to this world. She who herself wants to wash and iron my own clothes because she wants to make sure I look neat. She who often reminds me to bring my handkerchief because I have severely active wet glands on my palms. She who works more that 10 hours a day, 7 days a week just to send me to a good school. She who has a mouth like a machine gun (peace!). She who annoyingly always self-sacrifice to provide me comfort.

To my favorite woman in the world, thank you! I love you mama!

Happy Mother’s day to all mothers and acting like real mothers!

A no-look-shot photo I took this morning. This subject does not really need a lot of thinking on what angle to shot. It’s perfectly beautiful. Must mention, out of curiosity I ask the vendors what’s the name of the flower and they said it’s called MUMPS, I thought it sounds weird to name a flower from an illness so I asked them to spell it. ALAS! I’m a young deaf! It is called MUM not mumps. Coincident ah?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

What have I miss?

A lot of things we encounter take away our joie de vivre. We do stumble and fall. We tend to hate the world and people around us. We believe that the world is on our shoulders and we don’t want to take a look at the possible solutions. All we want to do is get mad, scream and even act hostile.

Before you agree with me, please do take time to watch this short film based on a blog.

My Blog, My World (Youth Blog)

While we are so busy focusing our attention with all the unpleasant things happening to us, we tend to neglect the bright side. I understand that the morning sunshine and blooming flowers can’t save the day but aren’t those the things that make us smile? That keep us going? Don’t dwell much at the gloom side, you might get used to it. Maybe you can’t remember how to bounce back again. Although most of the time things go wrong, life is beautiful! Burn, burn, burn and keep on burning my friend!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

the gallery

For the record, I'm the photographer but there are times that no model is willing to post for me. So, i turned my world upside down and try something different.

No people! that's not Medusa (the villain who has hair snakes), that's just me lying on the floor. this photo was taken during my 3rd year in college while supposedly making case study in our operating room rotation. I really like how maddy played with the light, super nice!

This one is super memorable. My friends (gabriella) and I traveled around an hour away from the heart of the city just to find an exclusive place where we can bond. I was so itching after this shot, who would not? That's real grass people! the photo looks good, it's worthy anyway.

I am really happy with this one. I myself took this using my Sony Ericsson K800i and had a little help with picnik and then tadaaaaaahh! Sidenote, some say that i look like a battered wife in here. haha!

Here's another close shot taken by maddy. When i saw this photo I was like, "Man! i should dye my hair, it looks better" Until now, I haven't dye my hair yet :P

We had no class. total boredom. So maddy did something cool. Yes, I was having stiff neck. haha! joke! I like how my face looked so relax besides the fact that maddy asked me to bang my head 100 times just tohave that nice hair effect. TOTAL HEADACHE!

P.S. Special thanks to madam, she took and edited most of the photos