Friday, January 01, 2010

A little hope

I'm always scared of future telling.
I'm scared that someone would predict that I would fail in every goals I set.
There's this someone who asked me that he wants to hold her hand,
not to tell something about my future.
I gave a warning that I don't want to hear what lies ahead.
He said he just want to hold my hand.
Although apprehensive, I hold his hand.
*tik tok tik tok* I can feel the warmth of his palm.
He was staring in a corner of the room, made me more uncomfortable.
After a minute or two...

He: you're hands are rare.
Yuli: ... ??? ...
He: you have high ambitions in life.
Yuli: *smiles* opo, so high, seem impossible to reach.
He: *smiles back*
Yuli: will I make them come true?
He: your hands, use them, you can make them come true.

That was not a prognostication, It's a reminder that we always have the power to write our own destiny.

Our faculties are infinite.
Keep the faith.

Stay inspired

2010. Bring it on!