Sunday, January 17, 2010


Sunday, finally a respite! I’m a busy bee! Last week was so hectic. I had class at 9am-4pm and then attend the transcription training program at 6-8:30pm. Good thing I finished my report on time yesterday. Reports are pain in toot. I kept on saying, “when will this be over?” But to think, this is what I’ve always prayed. A busy schedule, become prolific and earn on my own. So instead of saying when will this be over, henceforth, I should use the phrase “keep them coming God, daghang salamat”

Last Wednesday when I was on my way to SPC for a seminar, my father gave me an LBC package. My first thought was that it’s from Giselle, a blogger who posted the back to school promo entry that states that she will give me a book written by Jessica Zafra since it is her blog’s anniversary. I wasn’t convinced before if she’s serious because she’s from Manila and I’m from far down south. But that day on, oh my, its for real, she's serious! Here I am enjoying her gift. Daghang salamat Giselle!

TWISTED 8 ½ I like how Jessica Zafra thinks, she’s insanely cool.

2010 has been very good to me so far, so I thought it’ll be nice to share some blessings. Here are some links where you guys can download mobile medical and English dictionary plus there is also a mobile bible application.

English Dictionary

Medical Dictionary

Having a medical dictionary in your mobile is such an advantage. Back when I was a student, whenever we have a debate during medical-surgical seminars, my phone can settle the issues. If you are on duty especially when you are assigned at ICU, you have a dictionary that can save you from your toxic clinical instructor during a dreadful bed side clinic. Some phone models may not be compatible to the applications. I wish it’ll fit on yours. AYOS!