Monday, March 01, 2010

Additional Course or CURSE?

I just came home when My friend sent me a message, inquiring if I am interested to become a medical transcriptionist. It was in December, the time when I was so frustrated for being not prolific. Boredom Kills. Ergo, with no doubt in my mind, I immediately went to Global School to take the entrance examination. The written test was quite fine, but the transcription was challenging It was like I’m listening to a drunk man dictating in Greek.

It was the first time that the school had Saturday-only class, normally they conduct daily 4-hour class. I was thinking that the schedule will give me an ace on my sleeve by the reason of I can engage into some other things during weekdays. But it didn’t turn out as I expected.

When I started this medical transcription training, I pledge to my self that I will make a commitment, finish the course and get a license. I applied for two jobs and this training had caused a great conflict in my schedule. It’s quite difficult to look for a part time job nowadays, I felt like I am strangled with this commitment and even consider this additional course as a curse.

This medical transcription training/class is sponsored by the government. I want to have a clean record, furthermore, I believe, career wise, its an edge to be affiliated with the government. That is the main reason that kept on running in my head, pulling me, not to quit.

The good side with this is that the tuition is for free and must mention, the government gives allowance. *big smile What I like more is that the whole experience of going back to school does not give any pressure, the subjects were all light (tulog tulogan lang. honestly I did not took the class seriously : | ) My classmates, (most of them are way older than me) are really interesting to be with. Some of them work in a bank, others in Local Judicial Court as stenographer. With them, I learned to be mature and cautious on my words and actions (just as my mum always tell me).

Last week, I passed my Competency Examination. Written exam was quite challenging though, I was asked CHOP is a treatment for what? Another Greek word, Gee! The only CHOP I know is porkCHOP. (mais, nyaha!) Kidding aside, I was satisfied with my rating and even got surprise with my accuracy rate on transcription. (was it for real? Or nalibat lang ko?). When I had my interview, I was really doubtful if I will pass because I gave my interviewer wrong answer, when I figured my mistake, I took the strategy Milay taught me, “act like your really curious and indirectly ask the correct answer”. It end up, the interviewer lecturing me and my classic line was, “Im really pleased that you shared that information to me, points will be taken ma’am”. Whew! We can escape plight with dignity my dear people.

Since I’m earning money from Global School, I consider going to class as a job.

I bought a box of Doughnut for my family from my (technically) first salary.

Don’t Judge! Haha!


-Yuli, BSN, RN, CMT