Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Comfort zones

My first design that shared to the public was quite plain and simple. It was just solid background and text. I was happy enough to see people’s comment on wanting to use it as shirt design. It was even overwhelming to see that they are using it as their avatar. Creating it was aimless. Critics were nameless.

Recently, a friend of mine requested me to create a design for their concert poster. I was hesitant at first since I only know how to use the basics of photoshop. This design is far different than the first one. I am creating for someone. I have critics.

Watch Dream Girls Concert. Feb 22, 2010 at SPC.

When you are used to do something, although it may bite and fright but as long as it does not kill you, you consider it as comfort zone. School is a comfortable arena. Even if I get to face dreadful examinations, meeting the deadliest deadline, and encountering severely toxic people (whether a patient, professor, or a silly classmate), I know I will get though it. The feeling of being comfortable gave me the assurance that I will survive.

After leaping beyond school grounds, you’ll face a new arena. It is like viewing a city with tall buildings, alluring and exciting. However, you can also vividly see the thick mists surrounding it. Blur. Fuzzy. Scary. This is world of unknown. This is the world of reality. To some, they may spend their lifetime standing still, watching things happen. To some, may need to eat humble pie, back down then resilient. To most, we creep, we crawl, we stoop, we stand, we walk, we run, and then we fly.

It is scary out here,

Exciting yet scary. Scary yet exciting.

But I don’t want to get behind.