Sunday, February 07, 2010

Lost and Found

It was the last day of November 2009, when I took the last 2 sets of my board exam, few days after (at the same week); I immediately looked for a job. I thought that move was cool and clever but after series of events I gradually apprehend that it was impulsive and erroneous step. Few days before Christmas, opportunity finally flopped on my lap. A manager from the company I applied for gave me a call, informing me that I will be having my training. It was good news of course. Being prolific is one of the sources of my joy. But there’s a little problem, actually a big problem. For those days when I was chasing luck, I disdained myself and my family was well aware of that. So, they enrolled me to an International English Language Test Review Center. My situation wasn’t that complicated at all, I just have to decide what to choose and what to loose. Job or Class?

Most often than not, I am indecisive. I guess it’s because most of my life I don’t get of chance to decide. I just follow what I am told to do and do good. I hate pressure, although my years in college were like living in a pressure cooker. Here's a point that I have to decide fast and its better be good.

How do I want things to happen? That question helped me a lot to decide. I don’t want work to by sitting in front of the computer and attending foreign clients. Although I love computers and interact to different people, but I want something big. As in Big. Thus, that eagerness to work at once (in my opinion) was just a mere peer pressure, sabay sa uso kumbaga bah. Besides, my mother already paid my enrollment fee for my review class and I don’t want to waste her efforts on working 7 days a week just to earn penny so that I can live a good life.

Impulsivity can only hurt your ego, take it from me.

Time to bounce back.