Tuesday, February 02, 2010


In my 25 Things blog entry, I wrote...
#15. The sweetest thing a guy did for me is to write a song.

LOL. there was a mistake on my previous post. You see, I'm not really familiar with UrbanDub and their songs. . SO I POSTED THE WRONG LYRICS.
Pardon my ignorance. The Lyrics I was talking about was on my Friendster account. Apparently, based on your comments that was not the case. Now, where to find? hmmm. . .

Something reminds me today about the covenant my parents and I had. Before I enter a relationship, I must first pass the board exam. I just passed (and I feel like I am more free to write). No! I don't want to mislead you. Don't think that this blog entry is about Wanted: Boyfriend. As time goes by, I feel like I want someone perfect. I'll guess tatanda akong dalaga. (hehe) As of now, I'm too preoccupied building my name. YoungCampbell, BSN, RN soon to be Licensed Medical Transcriptionist. What's next in line? I'm not certain yet. It'll be fun!