Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aint pencil pusher

What is the message of the bad effects of music to the youth.

Music plays a vital role in an individual and in our society. It is also called as the language of one’s soul, since it can affect, reflect and convey emotions, philosophies and desires.

Whether someone is living in a fast track like in the cities or living in a smooth pace like in rural areas, music can be a great source of relaxation from stress. Also, it can be a medium of self expression and through the lyrics and tune, people can relay to others what they cannot say in normal conversations. For the society, music can be used to aware people on hot issues and serves as a tool to unite them on one stand and opinion.

However, despite these good effects of music, it is not proper to neglect its negative effects and doing nothing to aid problems related to music. The fact that most of the youngsters are curious and carefree, there is a great chance that they would try to mimic and put into actions based on what they hear. Music therefore can become a bad influence to the young generation because it is highly likely that it will jeopardize their beings and destroy their futures.

In my point of view, based on my experiences, music has far more good than bad effects. Thus, I believe the benefits outweigh the negative sides. However, people must be guided on what type of music they listen to, and artists should be responsible enough on the consequences of their chosen craft.

OBS: 7

Time Allotted: 40 minutes

252 words.

Above is my academic essay for IELTS (International English Language Test). To tell you honestly, writing for me is the most difficult among the four areas (listening, reading, and speaking), i rarely get 7. Ironically I own a blog site.

Not all smart people are good in English and not all that are good in English are smart. Not all famous bloggers are good in writing and not all good writers are famous. Not all lurkers like readings, most of them want to write but does not have the motivation to do so. My friends, to which do we belong?

There is a big difference between writing an academic essays and writing a blog.

In IELTS, grammar must be perfect, tenses must me consistent and accurate, must have variety of sentence structures (simple, compound, complex, and compound complex), showing off vocabulary but in a way that the message should be brief and easily understood, also it should present heavy arguments, ideas and evidences, colloquial and use of idioms are not encourage, you are force to write about a topic that in reality, you don’t really give a fuss… what else? The bottom line, it must be perfect.

In Ielts, it is dull and strict.

In blogging, there is no a-must-thing to follow at all, carefree, liberated, fun, wild, freestyle and sexy.