Friday, March 19, 2010


To those who are saying that Glee and High school musical are identical, they are dead wrong because glee is far better than the latter. You see, both are quite similar but what makes glee more interesting is because of the humor, twist and turns which people can easily get relate, can get hooked to it.

First, there’s stereotyping with each type of personality that commonly found in high school. We got cheerleader, varsity players, the side kicks of the poplars, the mediocre, the ones that are at the bottom, the geeky, the class, the people who don’t really exist, and those people who have very strong belief on themselves but in a way they look amusing and unappreciated by their peer.

Take the case of Rachel, she is the lead star and the captain of glee club. When you say the star, you would expect that she’s totally likable like Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron of High School Musical, they seemed to be a perfect couple, but in Rachel, she has the talent, she’s a very good singer, when she’s on the stage she owns the moment, however, big HOWEVER, she has strong belief on her self in a way her confidence is inappropriate, annoying at times. Her wide mouth, (I’m sorry, it’s not being mean, I’m just being objective), also her long eyebrows, showing that sad puppy look when ever she sings are disturbing, Somehow, that gave me a hate and like approach on her that’s why I want to see more of her.

Talking about singing and dancing, Superb! In real life, these people are into the music, and the best actors in the world are from boardway, when they act, their whole body is acting, form eyes, lips, thumbs up! Although some of them are new, there performance is very commendable, when they have group performance and do the blending, it always blow me away. When they sang” lean me”, I was like, that’s it, I’m a fan!

Another thing I like about glee is that they have representation on different races. There’s Asian, and other Asian (when you’re watching I know what I’m talking about), Jews, Latino, Black and White. Seeing these people combining, singing together, that would capture the attention of the people. Making this series not solely a hit only in America, this is a highly pandemic craze!


Don’t get fooled like Finn’s friend, Women don’t have prostate gland. :D