Monday, March 15, 2010

A note from the bulletin board

What’s wrong wild the world momma?

Earthquake in Haiti and Chile, El Nino, National Rotational Brownout, Extra heat in temperature during cool season, has the world gone mad?


Relationships that were established are gradually falling apart.

I just can’t understand what’s going on, one thing for sure, I don’t like it.

Although I am constantly exposed to uncomfortable situations, I will never get used to it.

My mum instructed me to go to mass that was said offered for me.

Honestly, I came late, and when I arrived the priest was saying he last few words from the Gospel. He said,” Jesus is waiting, waiting for his daughter, waiting for his daughter to embrace her”, and it made me think, is that message really for me? I was late, and I kept Jesus waiting, when I went in the church, did he embrace me? Did he cleanse my mind? I would like to believe so.

In that night, I received a message from a friend;

A note from the bulletin board:

Do not be totally heavily worried of everything wrong that is going around you.

That’s my job

Singed: Jesus