Sunday, April 11, 2010

On Haters: Survey Says

NOTE: youngcampbell is a peace loving blogsite.

You just can’t please everyone, I know you've heard this over and over gain when you turn on your television, a showbiz over used expression yet not very true, even ana average Joe may experience it. At times, there would be some instances that displeases you, let's take receiving hate mails/comments as an example, what is your initial reaction and how do you manage it?

I randomly asked people about what their say. My Malaysian-soon-to-be-doctor friend Bern (see the first photo below) about this he just said that he don’t have time to bother about it. I would agree but I really find the answers of these people (see below) really interesting and worth mentioning.

Dr. Bern Chung, Malaysian Movie Reviewer

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ALTON KEH Aspiring Singaporean singer/ blogger

Sometimes I would retaliate if I have anything to say about but most of the time, I don't really feel offended whenever I receive haters' comments! ACTUALLY, IT FEELS GOOD TO CAPTURE ATTENTION. :P -that's the bomb buddy! :))

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Michael Yip. Singaporean. Photographer. Blogger.
1. Hate Mails
My reaction would normally be ... "Oh Wow...." cause why would a person go waste their time writing a hate mail to me? How I feel? Honored and also annoyed.
2. My actions
I'll normally just delete off the mail and ignore it. There’s no need for any response. They go through the effort of writing something hateful to gain attention, why would we want to give them the luxury of knowing that we are affected by their mail?

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Jayley woo jaiqi Another blogger form the Lion City, Singapore.

” hmm, whenever I receive these kind of comments I’d use SARCASM, WHICH IS MY FAVORITE WAY, ANYWAY ;) But ignoring them helps too, because seeing that you didn't react, they won't bother doing anything else, UNLESS they are attention seekers.” –that makes sense!
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Shawn Lee Yi heng

S’pore Blog Awards –Best Individual blog 2009 Finalist and Nuffnang Sg featured blogger (April 2009)

Guys, just play it cool. Same with Bern and Jayley's opinion, Shawn said that the best way to handle those haters is simply by ignoring them.

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Typical Benjamin Toh, Nuffnang Singapore’s featured blogger January 2009

My Favorite Answer: “Hilarious haters comments I've got on my latest entry! As usual, I don't delete or not approve them! Cause I APPRECIATE THEIR EFFORTS! HAHA!” – soo funny! no wonder why he was a featured. *clap *clap

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Youngcampbell says: There are a lot of people who deserves your love and attention, so why would you give a *teet* on negative vibes? Spend you energy on strenthening relationship to those people who are worthy. The LOL is not on you.

You don't have to click any word because you are on her blogsite. (nyaha corny joke, excuse moi!)

Haters are confused admirers who can't understand why everybody loves you-paolocoelho

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