Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pearl Farm Adventure II

Ooops! di pa pala ako tapos magkwento.

While waiting for the speed boat to take us to Manipalo ISland, I played chess with my imaginary opponent. (hehe). Look how big it is! =)

We used a boat smaller than this one. Speed boats regularly travel every 30 minutes transporting at most 6 people from one island to another. I really had a great time riding it because i can barely touch the water, letting the waves go against my palms.

In Manipalo Island, ahhh... the blue crystal water, such a breathetaking experience, I wish my mother was here to see this beautiful place. Soon, when i'm rich enough, I'll travell the world with her. Must mention, don't mind me in the photo, and just to make it clear, i'm not pregnant, that's because of the wind blowing that makes my stomach protruding, enough with the defense. =)

The color of the sky complements with the sea. My sister and I fooling around. What a Happy day!

We found a beautiful view in the island, I love the photo, pwede pang post card. =)

After the site seeing under the extreme heat of the sun, we went back to the main island to eat our lunch. Starving lah!

To be continued... (It's lunch break^^)