Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Last Man Standing (Her Version)

I really love Rej's The Last Man Standing, It inspired me to write the girl version of the same story.

She has straight black hair
Hazel brown eyes
Smart yet coy
Beautiful but feels awful

She often shuns away when courted
Too fly guys, Oh! She hate it!
She wants a relationship to start
from platonic before it turns erotic

One day, while riding the MRT
Rush hour and indeed another elbow room
The boy who was standing on her left
Surprisingly turned her so red

All the hesitations on being with someone
Suddenly disappeared like a bullet from a gun
For the first time in her bachelorette life
Her heart throbbed for the ‘one’

Approaching North Avenue Station
She pulled the ticket on her pocket
It accidentally fell on the floor
And landed on the guys leather shoe

The gentleman hurriedly bowed down
Got the ticket on his hand
She smiled and said ‘Thank you’
Then immediately left, thinking ‘I could like you’

Fool are those who believe in love at first sight
But how cupid hit her heart
To be called a fool
seemed to be alright.

Rej, why did you agree to erwinator's suggested ending? kilig na tapos ginawang comedy. :))

Erwin, when i read your comment on Rej's, I remember the time when we were waiting for a hospital's Chief Nurse office then you ask gaano kabaho ang feces ng cheetah, kasi napakamabaho na ng feces ng pusa, what more ang sa cheetah na napakalaking pusa? (hehe) Nalingaw ko. God Bless er! :P