Sunday, April 04, 2010


My second time to feature a friend.

Machi, I almost killed her, she almost killed me.

April fools day always reminds me of Machi, a good old friend of mine.
Back in the years when cellular phones are starting to get famous, I told her that I had an accident, admitted in the hospital, ICU department, 50/50.
It was April fools' and the intended joke was taken seriously by my friend. Machi severely hyperventilated and was almost taken to the hospital.
When I dropped the news about my fake health condition, she almost killed me.
Being so mad at med, it took 2 days before she talked to me again but before accepting her forgiveness, she first wrestled me down and screamed at my face.
Thinking that if that's the only way that my apology will be accepted, i took it with all my heart, even though my eardrums almost broke.

Nowadays, when we spend time together we still have childish, balderdash, shallow, away-bati fights. I guess that's just how we show how we miss and love each other.

She is now an art teacher in one the schools here in our city, here is a painting of her's that she created before she studied fine arts, how talented. I am her number one fan, in fact I own 6 paintings of her's (Machi, gve me more. hehe).

She used a special board on this painting, hard and rough texture, usual and interesting.
Before, she had difficulty of painting faces, that's why most of her works are faceless.
I believe it's better, paintings can't dictate people's emotions.
In a way, people would create their own interpretations.