Monday, April 05, 2010

The Passion of Christ

Redemptorist Church
3pm and 6pm Mass

I decided to join this activity because i want to be closer to God, thank you Roger for the encouraging words. The feeling of being lost after passing the board exam seems to overshadow my joie de virve. I would always find comfort when I'm doing something related him. I don't want you to think that I'm self-righteous, but this is how I feel. Pardon my ignorance, It's just recently that I've come to know that the 4 Gospels have their own different interpretations of the Passion of Christ. This season's Gospel was according to John and unlike what we've seen in the movie by Mel Gibson, in which Jesus was brutally harassed, it was well emphasized by St. John that Jesus remained glorious despite of what he experienced.

It was my first time to witness how stage play works, trust me, it's difficult and really needs hard work. The success depends not solely on the director nor just the cast, but the teamwork of everyone, including the props masters, lights and sound officers, and of course the food committee (hehe). The actors and actress are soooo talented, I always drop my jaw whenever I see them practicing.

It was a very memorable experience since I joined the Passion of Christ play. Kuya Klint would always tease me that my role should be the voice over talent for Simon Peter's rooster. :P Anyway, I play as one of those people who asked Plato (the man on Red suit) to crucify Jesus. The youngest among the group, most of them are our "nanays", the devotees. Must mention, they looked so beautiful on their outfits (naulaw ko sa akong suot. hihi). One of them even told me, "matanda na kami, pero maarte parin", we both giggled. When my mother gets older, I want to see her like one of them. :)

When I was young, I am had this belief that Jesus is dead during Lenten Season thus, the force of evil prevails and no one will be there to protect me against them. Pardon my young mind's ignorance. Lenten is the season when we celebrate the greatest gift given to us. He loved us so much, he even died to save us. How great Jesus is.

May the season brought you closer to God.

God Bless :)