Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Legend of Droppin' Some Love

It's more than a handful that I changed my theme, and promise I'm sticking to this white, clean acosmin. most of the fly bloggers use simple themes. Razz

I want to make this blog a personal one, something more of about me, but the problem is that my horizon of interests is just too wide. There are a lot of things i want to share and care about, i love glee, photoblogs, doing online surveys, etc. Okay, this french is getting futile. There are times that i just want to write spontaneously on how i feel especially when im not feeling fine, but i would always end up not publishing it because as what katherine Heigl said, learn to filter your words when talking to public, you don't want to have people going ballistic on you. isn't it not being your self? or in a way, a sense of being a responsible individual trying to be mature. The biggest dilemma of being a writer, defining WHAT NOT TO WRITE.

Lifting up your spirits, heading to the bright lights, I've been ask quite a number of times why do I always write VISIT MY BLOG and DROP SOME LOVE. I haven't been to any of JTs concert but his Justified concert video has been playing on our television for hundred of times. What's the relation? i observed that he would always tell his audience "GIVE ME SOME LOVE!!!", *and the crowd goes wild* - that's the etiology of my favorite promotional phrase.

There was a time when someone asked if that 'drop some love' has something to do with asking someone to be romantically linked to me. No offense meant buddy, but are you frkng serious? Razz I sincerely appreciate those kind comments, but even just by lurking and spending few seconds of your day on this site is already a form of dropping love. It's just a nice feeling that somewhere, at the other line, someone dares to care. Smile

Ive been talking too much, am I?

Last note:
A Filipino named CHINEE CAPUYAN recently won the worldwide contest 'Voice of McDonald's 2010'. She's from Davao City and big surprise: She used to study in San Pedro College, oi ka-SPCIan. GAHOT!

Tomorrow will be WORLD's BLOGGERS DAY, to all the bloggers out there, CHEERS!

I'll be hitting the pool this sunday, waters safety training! hmm.. exciting!

It's not wardrobe malfunction guys, my photo is not just for public view. (hehe)
Enjoy Summer!