Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pearl Farm Adventure III

Welcome to the third and final episode of our Pearl Farm Adventure and the best way to end the series is by talking about food.

At the restaurant, in front of the infinity pool and Parola Bar.
It's clean, beautiful view and the staffs were very warm and nice to their guests.

My second plate. Opps! talagang halata na nagutom sa paglibot sa Manipalo island. I forgot to take a photo my first plate (kasi, alam nyo na mahilig sa salitang "LAMON", nalimtan na ang tanan once mukaon Razz), anyway the dishes were superbly ayos!, can make you drool, moi excelente! unsaon pa man nako pagdescribe? basta, pagkaon palang sulit na kaayo. Razz

Here's what i realize, when we eat, we should ask something about the food, para kunyari madagdagan ang atong knowledege about food, dili ng kaon lang ng kaon. Agree?

My favorite! 3 persons sad daw ang nagconsume ana ah, baka isipin nyo na ako lang, pero kung how many times na na-refill, please don't ask. Razz

After eating, we had a short siesta then swam. A photo of me with a native, here's a blogger tip: if you don't want to expose your look but still want to share a photo, cover it using a smiley image.

- from the blogger who has uneven charcoal skin tone,
until the next life's a beach adventure

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